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Your Fourth Of July Horoscope Is Here & It's Full Of Fireworks, Baby


Nothing says "summer" quite like the Fourth of July. With refreshing dips in the pool, hot dogs sizzling on the grill, and fireworks blazing through the sky, it captures everything this laid-back season is all about. Plus, for many people, this is a holiday weekend that brings them right back to their childhoods. Since the sun is in emotional, sentimental, and nostalgic Cancer, Fourth of July is always reminiscent of the past. However, this year's Independence Day will be a little bit different, to say the least. While you're dreaming of the past, you're also being dragged into the future, and your Fourth of July 2020 horoscope will tell you how to navigate the push and pull.

On July 5 at 12:44 a.m. ET, there will be a lunar eclipse in steady, determined, and karmic Capricorn, which will create a lightning strike of change throughout every facet of your life. In astrology, a lunar eclipse takes the place of a full moon roughly every six months, and when that happens, it means serious business. This is when permanent, overwhelming change unravels the seams of your life. The experience is as unpredictable as it is intense, so let go of your need for control and embrace the fact that whatever happens under an eclipse was always meant to happen.

So, what does it mean that such a major astrological event coincides with the holiday of red, white, and blue? Well, it means you'll probably always remember this particular Fourth of July for being downright mind-blowing. Here's what you can expect to happen, according to your sun or rising sign:



The fireworks are shining down on you and the world wants you to take a step out of your shadow. It's time to be seen in all your glory. Don't hold back and don't be afraid of failure. If you let fear hold you back, no one will ever get to see what you're made of.


Where will you go? Who will you see? What will you learn? The world is opening up to you like an oyster. Seeing things through old perspectives would be doing a disservice to all the new opportunities that sit before you. Open your mind.


You're discovering where to divest your energy and what to commit yourself even more deeply to. The way you focus your heart says so much about what you will accomplish. Spend your time on things you care about.


It's time to take a look at who you're spending the summer holidays with. Is it someone who brings out the best in you or someone you know you've outgrown? Use this time to think about whether this person is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.



The way you organize your daily routine and manage your time has so much influence over how much you get out of your life. Think of how you can balance work with play on a level that works for you. Your productivity is not an indicator of your self-worth.


The only thing you need to focus on right now is your joy. How are you standing in the way of your ability to have happiness? To live in the present moment? Look inside yourself and remember what makes you most excited. Give yourself permission to fully give into it.


There are certain people and certain places that make you feel more like yourself than ever. It's time to recreate that energy. If you don't feel like yourself, that's an indicator you're not in the right place. You deserve to feel at home in this world.


The universe wants you to socialize, learn, and connect with others. By isolating yourself, you're missing out on so many opportunities to expand your world and challenge your mind. Make new friends, enjoy your neighborhood, and participate in it all.



It's time you start believing in everything you're capable of and in everything you're worth. Don't let the world make you feel smaller than you truly are. You know what you're made of and you're made of something so unique. Treasure it.


Allow yourself to evolve. It's time you acknowledge that you are a different person than you were before and this season, you might be transforming into someone entirely new. It may feel scary and it might scare others, but you're rising to the occasion.


It's time to let go of ego trips preventing you from seeing the big picture. It doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong. It matters what's inside you. You are an infinite spirit and you can heal the world with love, not judgment or hate.


A leadership opportunity is presenting itself to you. You may feel as though you're not ready and shy away from it, but this is happening to you for a reason. A movement is coming and your compassion will lead it to victory. You're the example everyone needs to follow.