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Venus Retrograde Is *Finally* Over, So Here's What You Can Expect For Your Love Life


You might have noticed things have kind of slowed down when it comes to your love life lately. Blame it on quarantine, the intensity of everything going on in the world, or Venus retrograde. Truth be told, it's likely a cocktail mix of all three. However, nothing ruins the spark faster than Venus — planet of love and romance — stationing retrograde for 40 days, so if you've been having issues with your SO or struggling to get a reply on Tinder, you have a astrological reason to thank for that. Fortunately, it wasn't all for naught, and when Venus retrograde June 2020 ends, you'll see how much this transit taught you and prepared you for better relationships going forward.

Since there's no shortage of terrifying fear-mongering when it comes to a retrograde cycle, I bet there's a part of you expecting all hell to break loose when you hear the word "retrograde." However, all a retrograde means is that the planet in question is turning its energy inward rather than outward. That's why most astrologers recommend using the retrograde period for reflection, review, and redoing. It's a great time to address existing problems and hold off on starting new projects. While a retrograde tends to limit the full potential of that planet's power, what it really does is transform it into something very different that's still ultimately useful.

Retrogrades also have the tendency to bring up issues from the past because that planet is moving backward in its orbit rather than forward. Considering that Venus is connected to romantic and platonic relationships, it's likely ex-partnerships arise during this time, giving you the opportunity to finally get a sense of closure or understand what went wrong. It might also bring up conflicts from the past you never truly got over, giving you the chance to work through longstanding problems and turn over a new leaf.

Venus Retrograde In Gemini Ends On June 25 At 2:48 a.m. ET


Venus retrograde took place in intellectual, chatty, and poetic Gemini, putting its focus on how you communicate with your partner, lovers, and/or friends. Everyone speaks their own love language and if you're struggling to be fluent in someone else's language, this retrograde likely brought that to attention. Areas in which you don't communicate your feelings well or give your partner sufficient space to communicate theirs with you will become apparent. Most relationship issues can be solved by simply pointing out what's wrong in a non-accusatory way and then working on the problem together. This retrograde revealed you can't expect people to read your mind or know exactly what's going on unless you've put it into words.

When Venus is in Gemini, it is free-spirited, independent, and open-minded. This retrograde also encouraged you to find a healthy balance between having personal space in your relationship and being together. Every relationship is different, so it's important to identify what works for you and what your needs are.

All in all, Venus retrograde asks you to analyze your relationship patterns and understand what habits need breaking. It asks you to work on becoming a better partner yourself and let your partner know what it is you want out of a relationship. Honesty is key. So are patience, empathy, and active listening skills.

As Venus stations direct, you'll begin forming the boundaries of new relationship patterns after all the work you did while this planet was retrograde. It represents the beginning of a stronger love life. However, if the relationships you were committed to before this retrograde prove unwilling to adapt to the future, you may find yourself breaking ties or removing your energy from this relationship. If this is the case, you're creating space for better relationships in the future; relationships that suit the person you're becoming rather than the person you've been.