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Mercury Retrograde Is Getting Worse In Your Feb. 24 Weekly Horoscope


Whether you're an avid follower of astrology or you casually check your horoscope every now and then, you've probably come to loathe Mercury retrograde by now. After all, it's a majorly inconvenient transit. It's infamous for communication errors, resurrecting exes, transport issues, technological mishaps, and basically everything that can possibly go wrong. However, there's still a lot of good that can come from it and your February 24, 2020 weekly horoscope will explain why.

It all takes place on Feb. 25, when the sun joins forces with Mercury retrograde, emphasizing the issues this retrograde is highlighting in your life. If you're the type who likes to prepare for the worst, make a note to double check everything, practice patience, and try your best not to procrastinate until the last minute. However, let's remember that Mercury retrograde can be an excellent time to return to the drawing board, rethink your methods, and finally get a sense of closure. When Mercury Rx forms a sextile to assertive and ambitious Mars on Feb. 26, it will give you a boost of energy. While this energy can feel as though you're pressing on the gas without any sense of direction if you're not careful, it can also be a source of productivity. Use this energy to fix existing errors rather than shove it all under the bed and hope it goes away. When Mercury Rx connects with innovative and revolutionary Uranus through a sextile on Feb. 28, you just might discover something totally game-changing if you're willing to look things over one more time.

It's a well-known fact about Mercury retrograde that it can cause problems in your relationships. One person says something they don't mean and the other person misunderstands them. An ex shows up out of nowhere, just when you were starting to become happy without them. Deep-seated issues that nobody ever expected are brought right to the surface. These relationship tensions might be amplified this week when Venus — planet of love — forms a square to obsessive and destructive Pluto. This transit is rife with power struggles, jealousy, resentment, and grudge-bearing. However, instead of letting these dark feelings consume you, let them be a map that points you in the direction of your pain. Let it reveal to you what still hurts, and allow it to help you jump-start the process of healing.



There are beautiful secrets you're about to uncover, but you'll never get there unless you're willing to be flexible. It also requires you to set aside your own ego for the sake of what's important. Don't let meaningless competition muddle your values. Now more than ever, you should stand strong. You'll look like a winner just by being you.


Sometimes you need to separate yourself from the pack in order to stand out. Relying too much on others might take away from your mission, which demands your unique and irreplaceable imprint. Be careful what you share with others this week. Being vulnerable with someone you don't trust might just land you in hot water if you're not cautious.


It's not about winning the battle; it's about winning the war. Even if you suffer a few blows this week, remember that sometimes you need to take one step backwards before you can take two steps forward. Remember that people don't love you for how successful you look. The people who love you know how hard you work and believe in your journey.


Sometimes you need to lose yourself before you can find yourself. View complications as a blessing, because you might stumble upon something meaningful as you work your way forward. Try not to let the trolls get to you this week. The more successful you get, the bigger the trolls. Let your self-worth be so impenetrable that the trolls become a compliment.



There may be debts from your past that continue to haunt you. Ask yourself how much you've done to pay these debts off. If you've done all you can, why let the guilt linger? If there's still work to do, it may be time to pay them off once and for all. You may experience a loss of faith this week and that's OK. Don't repress your feelings; be honest with yourself.


You're taking a closer look at your negative habits in relationships because they may be popping up once again. This is a test. Make a better decision than you have in the past. If you don't, that's OK. You might have needed one more lesson before you learn it. You may experience feelings of jealousy this week, so try to remember that life isn't a competition.


You may not be feeling especially committed to your work at the moment, ready to abandon it all for the next best thing. Think long and hard before you make an impulsive decision. There are more truths yet to be uncovered. If you and your partner are butting heads, try to communicate your feelings with intent to solve a problem rather than cause damage.


If you lose steam on a project, try your best to stay focused anyway. Every project has lulls from time to time, but discipline is about working even when there's no fire, because inspiration is a natural byproduct of effort. If you're holding resentment toward your work, let it motivate you rather than deflate you. It's how you'll come out on top.



You are not where you come from. This week, you may find evidence that you've moved on from your roots, potentially filling you with guilt. Allow yourself to form new roots instead. You might find your feelings are clouding your judgment, so do you best to focus on the facts. Is this really good for you? Or are you just repeating a cycle you need to break away from?


This week, you might find your communication tactics blowing up in your face. Rethink the way you're choosing to get your message across. Empathy, calmness, and directness may be what's needed. There may be issues that arise among your family. Deep-seated resentments may reveal themselves. Stand your ground, but take care not to cause permanent damage.


It's time to take a closer look at your spending habits. Spending money on something you don't need to distract you from your feelings might not work this time. Instead, focus on what you can build over time by practicing self-control. Choose your battles wisely this week. Not every dark feeling needs to be aired out. Chances are, these feelings are temporary.


Whatever you do, think twice before making some major change in your life that you can't take back later. Permanent decisions might not be wise at the moment, especially if they have to do with your appearance. Trust issues may be at the forefront of your mind this week. Trust is earned but is also a choice. The decision is inevitably yours.