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There's An Exciting Twist In Your February New Moon Horoscope

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On Feb. 23 at 10:32 a.m. ET, a new moon in dreamy, empathetic, and soulful Pisces will radiate throughout the cosmos. A new moon replenishes your spiritual slate and presents you with an opportunity to start over. As the moon hides behind the shadow of the night, you're encouraged to make your peace with the past, set an intention to guide you forward, and then turn the page. Another story is just getting started and your February 2020 new moon horoscope has got all the details.

When a new moon takes place in Pisces, it's about releasing yourself from the pains of your ego, forgiving yourself for past transgressions, and forging a deeper connection with your spirit. It's easy to get caught up in the stress and anxieties of day-to-day life, but the new moon in Pisces is a reminder of your innate spirituality that goes beyond earthly concerns. It's time to remember that you are infinite and there are way more important things than whatever it is you're so worried about.

While new moons encourage you to move forward, this new moon in particular takes place during messy and confusing Mercury retrograde. Instead of moving forward in a straight line, you might find yourself zigzagging in unexpected directions — but there's nothing wrong with that. Let the journey be more important than the destination.

However, this new moon will also form a sextile to inspirational Uranus and energetic Mars, filling this new moon with exciting and motivational energy. It will even form a trine to the North Node, which means this new moon brings you closer to your ultimate destiny. If I could give you any advice for this new moon, it would be to let go of your need for control and let the unexpected lead the way, because there's an exciting twist yet to be discovered in this story.



Heal your wounds from the inside out. Your inner voice is begging to be heard, so set aside time to finally listen to it. Even if there are so many things you're ashamed of, treat yourself with kindness anyway. You are not perfect and no one ever expected you to be.


The world is calling out to you, asking you to leave your mark on it. Being empathetic and considerate of others will not only bring you more friends, but it will cure your loneliness. There's no reason you have to go through life all on your own.


Your comfort zone is no longer so comfortable. It's as if you've outgrown your shell and you're being forced to find a new one. Even though success can feel terrifying, you know you're ready for the next big step. It's time to stop talking yourself out of being brave.


What's holding you back? The obstacles preventing you from living your life to the fullest may be of your own creation. It's time to establish the freedom you need in order to spread your wings and fly somewhere beautiful. Life is meant to be lived.



You're on the brink of a major transformation, so roll with the punches. The challenges you may be facing are only making you stronger and are preparing you for this next phase of life. Trust in the person you're becoming. Your pain is always temporary.


What kind of relationship do you want? Consider the ways you may be preventing yourself from having the relationship you desire. A healthy and respectful connection is a two-way street. Where would you like your partner to meet you? How can you meet them in the middle?


It's time to make a list of your goals and be as specific as possible. Manifest them into reality by speaking them into existence, then get to work. Practice forgiveness when you fail on the first try. Make sure you congratulate yourself for every small success.


What's a passion of yours that you never make the time to nurture these days? Don't forget your hobbies, because they make the colors of your life more vivid. Make a point of indulging your inner child, because they're the one who decides what joy will look like.



Your home isn't necessarily where you live; it's a state of mind; it's the feeling of being loved, understood, and safe wherever you are, with whomever you're with. Rediscover what makes you feel at home and invite more of it into your life.


You may not be asking the right questions, which inevitably leads to the wrong answers. It's time to dig deep and truly understand what it is you're trying to say. Are you afraid of what the answer might be? You'll always wonder if you're never willing to ask.


It's time to reconsider your relationship with money and materialism. Remember, you are not your paycheck and the amount of money you have will never define you. Money is simply a means to an end, so rethink what that end might be.


Do you feel imprisoned by the person you've been? If you're worried that making a change will let others down, you'll inevitably let yourself down. You owe it to yourself to acknowledge how much you've grown, because you might not want the same things you did before.

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