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Brace Yourselves, The Next New Moon's During The First Mercury Rx Of The Decade


Who doesn't love a fresh start? Once you make up your mind to do something, all you can do is put your best foot forward. If you make a few mistakes along the way, it's only human, and you'll always have the opportunity to try again. If you pay attention to the constant ebb and flow of the lunar cycle, you might make a point of starting a project or practicing forgiveness on the new moon. This is when the skies are fertile with power, ready to toss some fuel onto the fire of your new beginning. I don't know about you, but I'm always asking myself "when is the next new moon?" because I can't wait to release what's no longer serving me, then set an intention to guide me into the future.

Think of it this way: The new moon is the best time to plant a seed. By the time the corresponding full moon takes place (roughly six months later), it will finally be time to harvest whatever has grown in its place. If you work hard to nurture that seed, the harvest will be a time of abundance and reward. If you forgot to care for that seed or you made the questionable decisions along the way, the harvest will instead be about realizing what you could have done differently.

My favorite thing about a new moon? It tends to be a lunar phase that radiates hope. It's about letting go of the burdens from your past, cleansing your energy, and then sending a positive message into the universe that will continue to follow you. I'm always looking forward to a new moon, because it helps me focus on and clarify my goals.

If you're looking forward to the new moon too, here's what you need to know:

The New Moon In Pisces Takes Place Feb. 23 At 10:32 a.m. ET


Get ready, because this next new moon takes place in mystical, spiritual, and empathetic Pisces. Everything that has to do with your dreamworld, your innermost emotions, and your beliefs in something larger than yourself will come into play. Pisces strips you down, asks you to set aside your ego, and recognize how everything and everyone is interconnected. Let it bring romance, fantasy, creativity, and compassion into your world.

Forming a sextile to driven Mars and revolutionary Uranus, this new moon will be an incredibly motivating experience that may even encourage you to try something totally different. Embrace your independence, your need for change, and whatever it is you're passionate about. If you had any questions, this new moon has a pretty straightforward answer: Go for it.

However, let's not forget this new moon will also take place during Mercury retrograde. Since Mercury retrograde tends to dredge up the past and ask you to tie off loose ends from unfinished projects, this new moon may be connected to something you've already been going through. Let this new moon bring you a deeper understanding of your current situation or a situation that has already come and gone. Don't feel the need to throw everything away and start over completely. Instead, let this new moon show you another path you can take on the journey you've already embarked on.

Still, there's so much fun, creativity, and good spirits surrounding this new moon. Venus — planet of love and luxury — will be forming an exact square to expansive and indulgent Jupiter. Let this spice up your social life, encourage you to treat yourself, and help you rewire your brain toward beauty, abundance, and of course, hope.