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Your First Supermoon Horoscope Of The Decade Is All About The Drama


Ah, the full moon. As it rises through the night sky, bursting with magic and its magnificent white light, you can't help but stare in awe. While you can't deny its beauty, a full moon — in this case, a supermoon — is always accompanied by an intense wave of energy and emotion. If the lunar cycle was a story, the full moon would be the dramatic climax, revealing plot twists and explosions that make all the difference in the world. And your February 2020 full supermoon horoscope is all about the drama. Taking place on Feb. 9 at 2:33 a.m. ET, this full moon will encourage you to embrace your desires and honor every bit of your passion.

This supermoon — which is seemingly brighter and bigger than the average full moon — is in creative, theatrical, romantic, and playful Leo, calling on you to harness your inner artist and remember your most authentic and unapologetic self. Leo banishes shame, abhors self-doubt, and the last thing it wants you to do is minimize the person you are. Fall in love with every part of yourself, especially the parts that are difficult to love. This doesn't mean thinking of yourself as flawless or perfect, because no one is. It means having pride in the sum of your parts, understanding that all of it compromises the intricate and infinite tapestry that is you. What's not to love about that?

If you've been struggling to find the energy or the inspiration to go after what you want, then you'll love this full supermoon. Forming a trine with courageous and driven Mars, this full moon encourages you to embrace your power and let nothing stand in the way of you and whatever it is that you want. Let your emotional truth be your motivation. As spiritual Neptune and expansive Jupiter form a sextile, this full moon has the power to bring your visions to life. If you can dream it, then you can create it. There is no limit to your growth, so keep on growing.



Unleash your artistic inclinations and delve deep into the side of you that loves romance. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and if you stand in the way of your own happiness, the world loses some of its music, color, and poetry. Create art for the sake of creating art. You need no other reason.


It's time to tend to your personal life. Everything else can wait. If you're not comfortable at home, it's time to heal your sacred space. Cleanse the energy, rectify relationships, and rest if you need to. Everyone needs some tender, loving care and you owe it to yourself.


If you can't find the courage to communicate your truth, no one will ever understand what you want. Even if the world denies you, there will eventually come a time when your desires are met. Don't let failure stand in the way of you expressing your truth, because it's always the first step to success.


By judging yourself based on what you don't have, you're only setting yourself up for disappointment. You may be forgetting to have gratitude for all the things you have. When you take a moment to express gratitude, you'll find that many more beautiful things are already on their way.



When you strip yourself from all your attachments, who is the person you see in the mirror? Know that without these attachments, you are just as whole. Realize that your independence is the purest part of who you are. Get to know yourself again and let your truth guide you forward.


There is a very private part of you that deserves your reflection. By avoiding the truth, you only create a distance between you and your spirit. Take a moment to tune in to the static of your inner voice. There is a message coming in loud and clear if you are willing to listen closely.


You have a startling impact on the people you surround yourself with. Think about what that impact may be. If you've been feeling lonely lately, looking for a way to help or inspire your community will soothe your heart. Everyone is in this together; you don't have to do this alone.


Now's the time to make a major move toward your dreams. Being passive and watching time roll on by won't cut it. You need to take matters into your hands and prove how badly you want it. The world is ready to receive you. Are you ready to take a risk and go for it?



You may be missing the forest for the trees. If you concentrate too much on each detail and forget to consider the big picture, you may not be seeing your situation clearly. Take a step back and admire all the opportunities that surround you. There is always a new path to take.


A major situation may be unfolding in your life, finally giving you the opportunity to come to terms with the truth. Let this be your chance to tie off loose ends, say your goodbyes, and embrace the subtle vibrations of something exciting that's just beginning. Transformation is on its way.


You're reaching an important conclusion about a relationship that may be dear to your heart. Whether you are brought closer, or this full moon reveals that it's time to drift apart, you are being made aware of what you need in a partnership. Watch it all unfold naturally. If it's meant to be, it will be.


If you've been living with your head in the clouds, there may be important tasks here on earth that require your attention. Heal yourself by banishing bad habits, reorganizing, and crossing items off your to-do list. Take action instead of remaining stagnant and you're already there.