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Something Unbelievable May Take Place In Your December 23 Weekly Horoscope

With so much unpredictable and unsteady energy unfurling throughout the cosmos, no one actually knows what could happen. So don't be shocked if something unbelievable takes place in your December 23, 2019 weekly horoscope. Would I call this the most wonderful time of the year? Not exactly. I think the most dramatic time of the year is far more appropriate in this case.

But who doesn't love a little drama, especially when it spices things up? On Dec. 24, the sun will form a trine with radical and revolutionary Uranus, encouraging you to let your freak flag fly. Why would you want to fit in when it comes at the expense of your authenticity? Why would you hide your true self when it obscures the unique and irreplaceable talents that define you? Set yourself free from expectations, standards, and conditions by letting the world know exactly who you are. You're not here to make everyone happy; you're here to grow.

Ready or not, growth is surely to come. On Dec. 26 (right after midnight ET), a solar eclipse in Capricorn will activate the lunar nodes and shove you toward your destiny. In astrology, a solar eclipse is essentially a new moon, only its power is far more potent and life-changing. While a new moon may signify a new chapter, a solar eclipse throws out the whole book so you can start writing a new one. Often, the revelations that take place on a solar eclipse shake you to your core. You probably won't expect what a solar eclipse has coming and it may catch you off guard. Remember to trust in the journey of this solar eclipse instead of fighting what you already know to be true.

Even if these changes drag you through the mud, the sun will form a conjunction with expansive and adventurous Jupiter on Dec. 27, inviting a positive outlook to your situation. Jupiter instills you with a desire for new experiences, a fresh perspective, and ultimately, growth beyond your wildest dreams. Think of the opportunities you have. If you've lost something, understand that this opens you up to trying so many new things. How exciting is that?

It will also become easier to focus and get your head into gear when Mercury — planet of communication — leaves behind disorganized and foggy Sagittarius to enter ambitious and driven Capricorn on Dec. 28. Prepare to feel way more practical and methodical when it comes to achieving your goals and processing information. Capricorn is all about results, so put in the time and effort.



A revelation about your career is coming into focus. If you've been denying your true path or holding yourself back due to your fear of failure, it's time to be brave. If you're ever going to win, you've got to play the game. Even if you have to fail a thousand times, your success is worth it. Get back up and keep playing, no matter what.


Open your mind and behold all the many possibilities and perspectives. If you obsess over perfection, you fail to see the way a flaw can lead to something beautiful. Let go of your need for an immaculate structure and a predictable routine. There's something waiting for you on the other side of spontaneity. Free yourself and embrace the wild ride.


What are you investing your energy into? If you're wasting it all by staying attached to something that's weighing you down, it's time to sever ties. Don't be afraid of pouring your time, effort, and money into something that will blossom over time. Delayed gratification brings the greatest rewards, but only if you're focusing on the right things.


Embrace a deeper understanding of your relationships. Is there a true balance among partners? Are you giving as much as you are receiving? Are they based on love and respect rather than manipulation and control? Cut the cord with your toxic relationships and make way for a relationship you truly deserve.



If you're constantly rushing to keep up, it's time you take a pause to reorganize and reprioritize. Self-care is more than just treating yourself after a hard day's work; it's about making decisions that reflect the potential you see in yourself. Sometimes these decisions are difficult, but deep down, you know what's best for you.


It's easy to get caught up in your responsibilities and forget the true beauty of life. Reconnect with whatever inspires your creativity and induces pure, uninhibited joy. Without romance and simple pleasures, life is all greyscale and none of the color. Tap into what motivates you to work so hard and remember the meaning of your life.


Success is not all about what the world thinks of you. Sometimes, an even purer success lies just behind closed doors. It's time for you to acknowledge all the ways you've been letting yourself down in secret. Even if you have to close the shutters and put your public life on pause, it's time you acknowledge what your heart wants.


If you're feeling lonely, consider that it may have something to do with the way you've been isolating yourself. If you never express your feelings or engage in conversations with others, it's difficult to forge a connection. Take a leap of faith and flutter your social butterfly wings. Don't be afraid to come out of hiding.



What do you need in order to feel not only stable and secure, but financially free? Simplify your expenses and recognize what you can do without. Zero in on a financial goal that brings meaning to your life. Money can bring you so many opportunities, so long as you recognize them when they arrive, beckoning you to take them on.


You're being brought into the next phase of your life. There may be challenges and abrupt changes ahead, but there will be just as much excitement as there is stress. In order to grow, sometimes you require a little shakeup. A major intervention from the universe may turn out to be a blessing in disguise in the long run.


Some alone time may be needed to process the overflow of energy pouring from your subconscious. Your intuition contains all the right answers, so look within. You may be healing a part of your past you've never felt ready to talk about. You're not alone with your struggle, so confide in someone you trust.


You're learning who the right people are. Let go of affiliations or groups who don't share your values. Don't try to fit in with others at the expense of your own growth. By honoring your truth, you will be brought closer to people who share your interests. Team up with others as you try to make the world a better place.