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There's A New Beginning In Your December Horoscope

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All Decembers are magical in their own right, but this one packs a potent astrological punch. Not only are you wrapping up the year, you're also wrapping up the decade. And your December 2019 horoscope describes how this chapter is coming to an end. Luckily, "ending" is another word for "new beginning."

Jupiter — planet of expansion and adventure — wraps up its tour through majestic, culturally conscious, and open-minded Sagittarius on Dec. 2. This marks the conclusion to an artistically extravagant and philosophical time, as the past year has helped you reconnect with your inner fire and enrich your life with possibilities. When Jupiter enters steady, committed, and hardworking Capricorn, it will be time to zero in on your goals, settle on something long term, and become far more disciplined.

However, this doesn't take away from the potent fire of Sagittarius season. Marked by dreamy connections with spiritual and empathetic Neptune, as well as dark and secretive Pluto, emotions will be high, and love will be even higher. With powerful energy flowing in from sturdy Saturn, you'll have the power to create something that lasts. When a full moon in Gemini radiates through the cosmos on Dec. 12, it will be a time rife with social exchange, friendship, and some old-fashioned gossip. While Gemini is not famous for being an emotional zodiac sign, it's certainly known for leaving behind a mess just for the thrill of it. Let this full moon pull out all the receipts.

Spearheading a ridiculous amount of growth, Jupiter forms a trine with revolutionary and unpredictable Uranus on Dec. 15. Jupiter loves to embellish and exaggerate, so whatever Jupiter touches always gets bigger. Uranus acts as a lightning bolt of change, so watch out for unexpected opportunities that may terrify you. However, it's always the opportunities that make you feel uncomfortable that bring you the most enrichment and reward. Let courage be your guide.

Right after the sun leaves behind Sagittarius on Dec. 22, you'll head into a new era, and there's no way of knowing where your story is headed. A solar eclipse in Capricorn will send shockwaves throughout the cosmos just after midnight ET on Dec. 26, making this a Christmas you surely won't forget. As you may already know, an eclipse is when unexpected endings and abrupt new beginnings take place. An eclipse arrives to speed you up toward your ultimate destiny, meaning that whatever happens on an eclipse is most likely here to stay.



Let go of your expectations and keep an open mind about all the possibilities available to you. If you're too set on a certain outcome, you might miss a beautiful and unexpected surprise. Let your mind wander to new places, because a major revelation about your career is in store. It could be time to level up and promote yourself all the way to the top.


It's time to dig deep into your heart and face the truth of what lies there. If you've been attached to something that's not enriching your life, it's time to cut ties with it. Even though it may feel like a door is being slammed in your face, it's only because you're meant for something even better. A new adventure awaits you, and there are so many beautiful places you're going to visit.


Your heart is overflowing with so much love for others, and you're willing to compromise and commit. Let yourself be drawn to positive partnerships marked by mutual respect and stimulation. You're learning how to share yourself with others and be vulnerable with someone you trust. Know it's always better to have tasted love once than to never have tasted it at all.


You have the power to get so much work done, so revamp your daily routine, set practical goals, and take care of your well-being. Remember, all big changes begin with small decisions. Your desire to become more organized and dedicated will help you pair up with someone who shares your values. Whether it's your business partner or your SO, you're connecting on a more significant level.



You're bursting at the seams with creative ideas, and there's no better time to get reacquainted with your inner child. Fall in love, pull out your paint brushes, or karaoke it up. You deserve to be on stage. If there's an idea you can't stop thinking about, it might be one you decide to commit to and manifest all the way to completion. Discover a new way of working.


You're retreating from the hustle and bustle of your busy life for some necessary rest. It's time to immerse your heart in your living space, as well as make sure there's nothing left unsaid with your family. If you need a hug, ask for one. All of this will inspire a creative reawakening that may shock you to your core. There is a new romance on the horizon, either with a person or an idea.


Fill your brain with knowledge and don't be afraid to share it with others. You're in the mood to talk, connect, and befriend all sorts of new people, so let this energy expand your circle. However, blood is almost always thicker than water, and there may be a major revelation awaiting you at home. Your relationship with your family could experience a huge shift, so be ready.


You're building your self-worth and learning how to rely on yourself for survival. Feel a steady ground beneath you as you understand more creative ways to earn a living, as well as surround yourself with some well-deserved luxury. However, there may be a conversation that changes everything you thought you knew. A new friend might just be waiting for you once it's over.



You're putting yourself out there and learning a whole new meaning of confidence and self-assurance. Allow yourself to let go of the parts of your identity that no longer hold meaning. You're becoming someone beautiful and new, but don't stay attached for long, as your financial state may change dramatically. Whether you're winning or losing, you're learning how to stand on your own two feet.


If you feel like slipping away from reality and cocooning yourself in your own little dream world, don't fight it. Your intuition is speaking to you and some healing must be done in solitude. Don't be afraid of taking a break. In fact, some rest is necessary, as you're about to start an intense journey of self-discovery. You may not recognize yourself by the time it's all over.


You're feeling drawn to all sorts of beautiful and inspiring communities. Just make sure they're in line with your values, as spearheading a cause will be of great importance to you and you'll need all the help you can get. However, there may be a shift in your reality that starts from deep within. Memories from your past may start to pop up and take on new meanings. Let yourself find closure from it all.


Your career is coming into focus and you're feeling so motivated to be your best self and fight for the recognition you deserve. Let yourself be seen in all your glory. There's no reason to be modest about what you can accomplish, especially because something you've been hoping for and wishing for may finally be within reach. Decide on your true passions once and for all.

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