Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Mercury Retrograde Is Finally Over

It’s official: Mercury — planet of cognitive function and communication — has stationed direct, and as of Dec. 12, it will cannonball back into free-spirited, explorative, and embellishing Sagittarius, unencumbered from its retrograde torment. Prepare for your thoughts to become clearer, your organizational skills to smooth out, and for conversations to unfold a lot more graciously. However, let’s not forget detail-oriented Mercury functions strangely in all-over-the-place Sagittarius, so let your December 10, 2018 weekly horoscope guide you through the next chapter of this story.

However, Mercury direct doesn’t mean that the irrational confusion has come to an end, especially when we’re coming away from a powerful conjunction between Mars — planet of aggression and instinct — and Neptune — planet of dreams and illusion. If you’re still carrying heavy emotional weight and feeling unsure of how to remedy your situation, hang in there. Listen to your heart during this time and trust that eventually, the right decision will form within you organically.

And that’s not all: As of Dec. 16, Venus — planet of romance and luxury — will form a sextile with boundary-setting and disciplinary Saturn. This will force you to face the issues in your current relationships and charge you with a desire for deep and meaningful love. It will also switch-on the business savvy part of your brain and help you formulate a plan for success in your field. Although the emotions may feel hazy, this transit will help you sort through it all for the better. And if you’re still feeling misunderstood, at least there will be a first quarter moon in sensitive, compassionate, and spiritually-inclined Pisces on Dec. 15 to help you take groundbreaking steps in your overall healing.


Your ninth house of adventure and philosophy is absorbing Mercury's forward energy, setting your sights on the great beyond and instilling you with hunger for expansion. With Venus in your intense and sexual eighth house as it connects with Saturn in your career house, you may feel called to establish serious intimacy and commitment with something (or someone) on a public scale. The week is also especially intuitive for you with the first quarter moon in your 12th house of spirituality.


Your mind is on deep intimacy, spiritual connection, and the darkness of life with Mercury gliding through your eighth house of reincarnation. Your relationships will hone in on that intense depth as Venus in your seventh house of partnerships coalesces with Saturn in your adventure house. You'll crave relationships that truly teach you something and help you grow. This growth will overtake entire communities, especially with the first quarter moon in your 11th house of friends.


You've got your heart set on love and mutually beneficial connections with Mercury powering through your seventh house of partnerships. Saturn is in your eighth house of transformation, pushing you to sift through your deepest power and harness it with discipline. As Saturn dances with Venus in your sixth house of productivity, you'll be able to totally renew and reinforce your work ethic. Use this week to truly envision and manifest your success with the first quarter moon in your career house.


Your mentality is geared toward hard work and creating real results with Mercury traveling through your sixth house of work. With Saturn enforcing seriousness in your relationships and Venus opening your heart to fun and creativity in your fifth house of pleasure, you'll find yourself desiring true and pure joy from the people you share your life with. Settle for nothing less than commitments that bring you real, ecstatic happiness. The first quarter moon in your ninth house of adventure will help you find them.


You're having an incredibly creative moment, especially now that Mercury is rolling through your fifth house of fun and play. Venus is currently flushing your fourth house of family with love and romance, opening your heart to vulnerability. Connecting with Saturn in your productivity sector, you're being called to enforce something in your home environment that makes you feel safe. The first quarter moon in your eighth house of reincarnation makes this week so transformative.


Mercury is blasting through your fourth house of family, leaving your thoughts on your core values and most intimate ties. Your third house of communication is being embellished and loved by Venus, conjuring your truth, and as it connects to Saturn in your fifth house, you'll have the power to reform the way you express yourself and tell the world your story. The first quarter moon showers your partnership house with affection, allowing you to connect deeply with another person.


Mercury is running through your third house of communication, pushing you to talk, express yourself, and form new ideas. With Venus in your second house of finance and comfort colliding with Saturn in your fourth house of home, you're establishing a way to create the world you want. It's time to get serious about what you need in order to have the stability (and luxury) you desire. The first quarter moon in your work house will help you formulate a consistent plan to make this reality.


Mercury has your sights set on making more money and establishing the universe you desire in your second house of finance. You're embracing the beauty of your spirituality with Venus in your 12th house of the unconscious, and as it connects with Saturn in your communication house, you'll feel pulled to express your rawest, most vulnerable truth. Prepare to learn so many new things about yourself. The first quarter moon alights your fifth house of fun, making the experience so exciting.


You've got your mind on community efforts and social connection now that Mercury is sparking your 11th house of friends. You have so much power to manifest more wealth and security with Saturn in your second house of finance as it links with Venus in your spirituality house. Your thoughts and visions have so much power of your world. Let yourself uncover what you're truly capable of. The first quarter moon in your fourth house of family brings it all together where it matters most.


You're getting in touch with your dreams and your unconscious truth now that Mercury is drifting through your 12th house of spirituality. Venus is in your 11th house of community, opening your heart to friendship, while it laces with Saturn in your first house of the self, you're looking for relationships that love you for nothing more and nothing less than who you are. Let them guide you forward. The first quarter moon in your third house of communication lets you speak your truth.


You're not just thinking of yourself, you're thinking of everyone, especially now that Mercury is in your 11th house of community. Venus is romancing your career house as it embraces Saturn in your 12th house of spirituality. You're searching for a career that suits your soul's need and you're settling for nothing less than a journey that fulfills your karmic needs. With a first quarter moon radiating through your financial house, you're emotionally tied to establishing comfort and security.


You've got business and success on your mind now that Mercury is in your 10th house of career. Saturn is also exerting discipline into your friendship house, asking you to work harder for your community and others. As it connects with Venus in your ninth house of adventure, you're desiring a renewed philosophy towards the way you treat and take care of others. It's time to be the friend you'd like to have. The first quarter moon in your house of selfhood opens up who you really are, exposing your true identity.