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You're Surrounded By Abundance In Your August 5 Weekly Horoscope


Ready yourself because the astrology is raging hot this week. In fact, the upcoming transits are what summer is all about. With Leo season underway, you're already soaking up some majorly creative, romantic, and glamorous energy. Whatever you're currently experiencing is only bound to be amplified even further and your August 5, 2019 weekly horoscope has all the details.

When the sun forms a trine with expansive, optimistic, and growth-oriented Jupiter on Aug. 5, you'll find yourself overflowing with confidence and tapping into your spice for life. This is about letting go of your inhibitions and embracing the true extent of all that you are. Embrace the needs of your heart and let a hunger for substance lead the way. Remember, there's nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it, so use this positive energy to truly make something of yourself. When the sun forms a trine with Venus — planet of love and romance — this same abundance will surround your social life with chemistry. This is a beautiful week to pamper and beautify yourself, as well as heal your relationship wounds and fall head over heels for new crushes.

Once Jupiter retrograde comes to an end on Aug. 11, you'll have reached the end of a long journey inward. You've spent the last few months focusing on your internal growth and reserving your energy for yourself. Whether this means you've reached the end of a chapter or you're simply walking away with more insight about the person you want to be, it's time to let go of all your hard work and start saying "yes" to new opportunities. With Jupiter stationing direct, there is so much outward expansion on the way. However, Uranus — planet of erratic change and rebellion — stations retrograde on the same exact day, which launches the beginning of a new you. It's time to rediscover your individuality and set yourself free from attachments.

Leo season is receiving a boost when Mercury — planet of communication and intellectualism — joins the sun in this boisterous, unabashed, and colorful zodiac sign. Inspiration is calling your name and begging you to own your ideas. No one will ever know the real you unless you're vulnerable enough to open up and share all that you know.

So, what abundance awaits you, in particular? Here's what each zodiac sign can expect this week:



You're blossoming with creativity and youthfulness that encourages you to express yourself without fear or uncertainty this week. This is a beautiful time to go out on a date, treat yourself to something romantic, and set aside time for fun and games. You're in the mood to play and take life a little less seriously, so do whatever brings you joy.


Your home is expanding with kindness, compassion, and safety. You have the power to discover that home is within yourself because it's a state of mind. Know you're already safe and flourishing with inner happiness, especially because it will naturally enrich your close relationships in the process.


You're buzzing with intellectualism this week and you're in the mood to learn about new subjects, engage in stimulating conversations, and become friends with some fascinating people. With all this intelligence and energy, you can get a lot done, so tap into your natural talent for multi-tasking. See all sides of a perspective because they each contain their own wisdom.


You're bursting with self-worth this week, so do whatever you need to do in order to feel safe in your skin and stable in your universe. This is a powerful time to make more money and enrich your life with some good old-fashioned hard work. It's also a lovely time to enhance your surroundings with beauty and meaningful purchases. Take care of yourself.



You're filled to the brim with confidence and abundance this week. Allow your identity and sense of self to radiate from you. Let no one attempt to tone you down. This is a powerful moment to push forward and lean away from negative patterns that have been holding you back. Remember you always have a choice. It's up to you to choose yourself.


Your spiritual world is rich with insight and intuition. Dig deep and discover what your inner voice is trying to tell you through activities such as meditation, journaling, sleeping, or even going for a walk. You deserve some alone time to reflect in your own private world, where you can be yourself without worrying how people may judge you for it.


Your circle of friends is a source of excitement and opportunity this week, so make sure you spend time around people who both challenge you and bring you joy. You have the power to learn a lot from others and you may even find yourself inspired to take up a social cause. Heal the world with your leadership abilities and your desire to make it a better place.


Your career is a source of gratification as of now, so pour your heart into a project you care about and manifest the success you've been dreaming of. Stay focused and don't allow distractions to get in the way of your power. Knowing that you're working hard and putting yourself out there will bring you so much confidence and growth this week. Don't be afraid.



You're hungry for new experiences in unexpected places. Throw out the itinerary and make sure you're open to spontaneous opportunities. No matter what, they'll take you somewhere you never realized you want to be. Try something new, open your mind to a new perspective, and talk to someone who may have different opinions than you. Free yourself from your former ideas.


You're undergoing a major transformation right now, and this week you're feeling empowered by what you've been able to conquer and survive. Revel in your resilience and bask in the fire of your resurgence. You may be shedding skin and letting go of something that once meant a lot to you. However, you're feeling freer than you have in a long time.


Your heart is open to deep connections this week. Whether these connections are romantic or friendly, you have the power to forge strong loyalties and truly get to know someone. You may even be expanding your idea of what a partnership truly is. Move away from unhealthy patterns in the way you deal with your partnerships.


Simple may sound boring at first, but there's such power in cutting away what no longer matters and removing things from your life that waste your energy. You're cleaning house this week and refining your daily routine. You're also tending to your physical and mental wellbeing. Look within and discover how you should be prioritizing your needs better.