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Your August 31 Weekly Horoscope Is Sparkling With Spirituality & Enchantment


In case you haven't heard the astrological news yet, September is bound to be an incredibly chaotic, tumultuous, and volatile month. You're about to endure some wildly frustrating and confusing transits, so take a deep breath and start mentally preparing. Think of this week as the calm before the storm, because things are going to become so much more intense next week. This is not to say your August 31, 2020 weekly horoscope is nothing but smooth sailing, but compared to the rest of the month, this week is a piece of cake. And that's saying a lot, because this week will still feel beyond overwhelming.

Fortunately, you've got all the mental grit to get through it, because the week begins with Mercury — planet of communication — forming a trine with transformative Pluto on Sept. 1 and then stabilizing Saturn on Sept. 3. This will enhance your cognitive abilities, helping you uncover deeper truths and have the perseverance it takes to achieve your lifelong goals. Even if you find yourself in a tough spot, you will find yourself motivated to climb out of it and prove yourself.

On Sept. 2 at 1:21 a.m. ET, there will be a magical, transcendent, and soulful full moon in Pisces. Opposing the sun in analytical and physical Virgo, a full moon in Pisces calls on you to find your spiritual center, tap into your intuition, pay attention to synchronicity, and trust your inner knowingness. The connection between Virgo and Pisces encourages a marriage between your mind and your heart, allowing you to use the logical thinking style of Virgo and the spiritual exploration of Pisces to see the world in a clear, all-encompassing manner. However beautiful that may be, a full moon in Pisces is an emotional experience, so don't be surprised if you find yourself crying when you least expect it.

More than anything, you might be feeling emotional about the state of your relationships, which will experience a major hiccup this week when Venus — planet of love and friendship — opposes inhibiting Saturn on Sept. 2. This transit isn't helpful for forming connections and it could make you feel lonely or isolated. Remember that some things, in love, don't need to be said or expressed. Sometimes the act of simply showing up or following through with your commitment is enough to prove that your heart is still in this. If tensions have been brewing for a while, they might explode when Venus squares off with aggressive Mars on Sept. 4. While this transit can increase sexuality and passion, it can also lead to an argument, so pick your battles carefully.

However, at the end of the day, the cosmos are encouraging you to tap into your true self, embrace your eccentricities, and own your independence. The sun forms a trine with innovative and unique Uranus on Sept. 2, telling you that you don't need to be afraid of standing out. Harness your potential and you'll shine so bright.



You may feel like withdrawing from the rest of the world this week. Your inner voice is speaking so clearly that it's drowning out the sound of everything else, forcing you to face the way you really feel. Set aside the distractions and be honest with yourself. You're working through spiritual blockages that have been preventing you from truly healing. It may feel strange at first, but it will make sense later.


You exist as a character in other people's lives, and this week, you're thinking more deeply about who that character is. You want the mark you leave on the world to be a positive one and you want to be remembered for your best qualities. Bring the world together by embodying the change you wish to see. You may not always have the right words, but you have the right intention.


It's the moment you've been waiting for. Things have felt stagnant for so long and you've been eager for a chance to prove yourself. This week, you might just find yourself landing an opportunity to compete. You're about to find out whether you've been slacking or you've truly been working hard. Either way, you shouldn't get cold feet. Win or lose, you're gaining so much valuable experience.


There will never be an answer to every question and this week, you're realizing that your desire for perfection may be preventing you from seeing the full picture. You'll never be able to have enough evidence to satisfy someone, but what you do have is your ability to have faith. This week, you should think about the meaning behind everything you do and let that meaning be your purpose.



Commitment is scary for a reason. It means making a promise that you can't break and you'll never know for sure if you'll get a return on your investment. Your commitment is a sacred thing, however, the longer you wait before you take that step, the longer it will take to build something. This week, you should think about how you want to grow through time. Make a commitment to your improvement.


Love is all about give and take. You'll never agree with someone on everything and love is about accepting those differences and loving them anyway. This week, you might find that your perspective is being challenged, forcing you to walk in someone else's shoes. You're not the only one going through something. Allow yourself to compromise for the someone you love this week.


You didn't get to this point overnight. It took a long period of repeated patterns and cycles before you eventually got to this point. This week, you should take a closer look at what habits may not be bringing the best out of you. There's no better time than now to start making better decisions. Let each positive move and the sense of accomplishment it gives you inform where you're going next.


As you get older and the responsibilities pile onto each other, it becomes harder to make time for the little things. You forget to set aside time for hobbies and activities that serve no purpose other than to expand your horizons and bring a smile to your face. This week, you might realize that these things aren't expendable. They're just as important as all the work you do.



You live in a society that equates your value with how successful you are in your career. This message may be getting to your head lately, causing you to judge yourself harshly for not reaching a certain standard. This week, you're being reminded that there are way more important things in life. You bring so much more to the table than simply being a good worker.


You may be realizing that you've procrastinated on so many things you know you have to get done. You may have been avoiding these tasks because you don't like doing them or you may not have been prioritizing your schedule properly. Your anxiety can be cured by simply getting it done. These tasks are hanging over your head and you should set yourself free.


This week, you're learning more about the balance between selfishness and selflessness. If you've been hoarding your resources, you may realize that you have plenty to go around and it's time to share. However, you may also be giving and giving until you have nothing left. Take care of yourself first and foremost, and when you feel taken care of, tap into your ability to take care of others.


Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you'll ever have. You're your closest friend and it's time to recognize how good of a friend you are to yourself. Instead of talking down to yourself, remind yourself how much you are loved. Instead of harming yourself by partaking in negative things, improve yourself by acting in your best interests. This week, you should be there for you.