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Your Leo New Moon Horoscope Is All About Believing In Yourself


Whenever you feel overwhelmed, disorganized, or stagnant in life, there will always be an upcoming new moon to give you a fresh start. At this point in the lunar cycle, your spiritual slate is wiped clean so that you can begin again. You're meant to let go of whatever is no longer serving you, forgive yourself for your past, and plant the seeds of a new beginning. Depending on the astrology that accompanies it, each new moon carries a different tone. Your August 2020 new moon horoscope proves that this one is brimming with power, inspiration, and creativity. Why not take advantage of it?

Taking place on August 18 at 10:41 p.m. ET, this new moon rises in bold, uninhibited, and ferocious Leo. As a zodiac sign, Leo is connected to the inner child, which symbolizes pure, unadulterated self-expression. It represents the freedom to enjoy oneself and participate in the splendors of life without judgment. This new moon encourages you to put yourself out there and re-learn how to experience the imaginative joy that you once experienced so effortlessly as a child.

This new moon joins forces with logical and communicative Mercury, as well as forms a trine with passionate and ambitious Mars. The energy bursting behind this new moon is fierce and will carry you far. If you have a goal in mind or a project you'd love to start, this new moon is a beautiful time to do it. Plus, this new moon forms a sextile to the North Node (AKA your ultimate destiny), which will pull in the direction of your higher self. It even represents a new beginning in your relationships, as Venus — planet of love and friendship — forms a sextile with innovative and inventive Uranus.

Here's how it will affect you, according to your zodiac sign:

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Tap into your inner artist and unleash your creativity on the world. This is not about being perfect or reaching success. The simple act of creativity in and of itself is all the accomplishment you need. Use this time to remind yourself that life isn't about following the rules; it's about participating in all the joy that surrounds you.


Your roots require watering. Return to your sacred space and reconnect with family and close loved ones. This is a beautiful time to nurture your life with love, care, and compassion. You deserve a safe place that allows you to let your guard down and feel proud of who you are when no one else is looking.


Your brain is thirsting for more knowledge and activities to focus on. Make use of your restless energy by learning new things, reorganizing your daily projects, and multitasking with more effectiveness. It's also an ideal time to refine the way you communicate your thoughts and listen when others are speaking.


Take a moment to count every single blessing that surrounds you. There is so much supporting you and carrying you that deserves to be acknowledged. Think about what it is you need in order to feel more stable and secure in your universe. Create a plan for how you can accumulate and create more of that stability.



You're peeling away the layers of yourself and getting closer to your most authentic self. Let go of your concern for what people think or expect of you. Now's the time to unleash your honest voice and inhabit the person you're becoming. The only opinion that matters is your own. The right people will find you.


Take a break from the material world. Let go of earthly concerns. Focus on your spiritual state of being. Delve into your subconscious through activities such as journaling, yoga, meditating, and introspection. There is so much your intuition is trying to tell you, but you need to quiet the world in order to hear it.


You have hopes and dreams that are coming into focus under the energy of this new moon. However, these dreams involve so much more than just you; they rely on an entire community coming together to make it happen. Reach out, network, and open your heart to likeminded people you can team up with.


You've been practicing and preparing for this moment all your life. What's holding you back from finally starting to compete? Is it the fear of failure? The element of fear is really a sign of how much you care about achieving this goal. It's proof that it matters so much that you take the risk and compete anyway.



Spontaneous opportunities are arriving in your lap. These opportunities may never have been part of your plan, but they could contain the missing ingredient you didn't even realize you've been searching for. There is so much out there you still don't know. Keep an open mind.


You're learning what attachments have been holding you back. Although it may be painful, separating yourself from all this weight is in your best interest. Have the courage to divest from useless things and invest in things that have potential for long-term growth. You're ready to make a more profound commitment.


Take a close look at the relationships in your life. Are they based on mutual respect? Do they help you grow into the person you know you could become? Think of how you can be a better friend, a better lover, and a better ally. If your loved ones are not meeting you in the middle, it's time to communicate those feelings.


Your goals may seem so far away from you, as though you could never possibly have the energy to achieve them. However, it all starts with taking one step after the other. Map out a plan for how you can balance out your productivity with rest, redesigning your priorities so that you can better yourself little by little.