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Your August 12 Weekly Horoscope Reveals The Full Moon In Aquarius


If you feel like basking in romance, self-love, and creativity, this is the week to do it. On Aug. 14, the sun and Venus — planet of love and money — will form a conjunction in vivacious Leo, spreading the fire of glamour, generosity, and magic throughout your entire world. This is a beautiful time to honor the person you are — including your strengths and your weaknesses — because, as a whole, you are an irreplaceable gem. Let your August 12, 2019 weekly horoscope be a reminder that no matter how tumultuous life may be, there's always a reason to remind yourself you are loved.

Despite how lovely this sun-Venus conjunction will feel, you will experience a bit of turbulence on the full moon in Aquarius. Taking place on Aug. 15, this full moon is about refining your individuality, going against the grain, and remembering everyone has their own struggle. You may think that because Aquarius is known for being less emotional and more for logic-based thinking that this full moon will be an easier ride than most... but don't let that deceive you. This full moon will be heavy due to the fact that it will form an opposition with Venus, which could create discord in your relationships and reveal the shadow lurking beneath the facade of your social life. Expect deep-seated issues surrounding love and finances to reveal themselves.

Even though eclipse season — which shook up your life throughout July and may have forced you onto an unexpected path — is over, you still may feel like the ground is unsteady beneath you. That's because Uranus — planet of unpredictability and abrupt changes — has been forming tense squares with the sun and Venus, sending anxiety and instability throughout the cosmos. On Aug. 16, Mercury — planet of communication — shall also form a square with Uranus, meaning that conversations could enter unknown territory and there's truly no way of knowing how your plans are going to go. All you can do is prepare to be unprepared.

Keeping all of this in mind, here's what the zodiac signs should expect this week:



There could be unexpected twists and turns in your love life this week, so brace for sexual tension, new crushes, and possible conflict. A fresh, creative energy is inevitable, so use it to explore ideas more deeply. You might feel very emotional and intuitive about your social life on a grand scale, so prepare for revelations about the people you spend your time with.


Changes and anxieties may flow through your home life, so look for comfort within. Your usual emotional support system may not be as available as you'd like. This may force you to travel off the beaten path. A career awakening may take place by the end of the week, alerting you to the truth behind a project or a path you may be taking. Don't jump to conclusions yet.


You may be feeling reckless in the way you communicate this week, so think twice before you speak. Expect disruptions in your plans, but try to exercise patience and integrity. There will also be a shift in your perspective, as if you are being pulled away from your focus so that the bigger picture can come together. Make sure to consider everything as a whole.


You may be dealing with disruptions in your finances this week, so spend wisely and rethink what it is you truly need. Stability is more important than overindulging and it sprouts from a strong self-worth. You may be forced to pay off a debt by the end of the week. Whether that debt is emotional or financial, a difficult situation is coming full circle.



You may be striving for freedom and rebelling against the system this week, so keep your compulsions in check. Refine your individuality, but make sure to consider where your impulses are coming from before you take action. There will be emotional intensity surrounding your relationships this week and there may be difficult truths that surface, so be brave.


There may be intense revelations that come to light this week. Your subconscious is shifting in ways you might not have expected, so pay extra attention to your dreams and any strange thoughts that creep in. You're also grappling with the way you've been treating your priorities and your daily routine. You'll soon learn what's working for you and what isn't.


Your social circle is undergoing changes this week and you may be faced with a situation in which you are forced between choosing yourself or the needs of others. Remember that freedom is a central feature of love. Your idea of romance is also under fire this week, as there may be tensions with someone you're dating, as well as artistic pressure.


You're in the midst of some tensions in your career this week and you may find yourself rebelling against an authority figure, as well as striving for more autonomy. Breathe through any brash instincts and try to be constructive. However, your focus will inevitably drift over to your home life. If there are conflicts you have yet to deal with at home, you can't avoid them any longer.



You're striving for a more independent and free-spirited philosophy of life this week. If there's anyone telling you what to do or how to think, you might be less patient with them. Follow your heart, but remember to do so with kindness. There may also be an emotional and sensitive conversation in the works this week, so be careful what you say. Some secrets should stay secret.


You may drift away from any emotional attachments or responsibilities this week. Remember that your actions toward loved ones could cause damage in the long run. Also note that you're extra sensitive right now and things aren't necessarily as they seem. Any financial stresses or failures may come to light as well, so be as pragmatic as possible with your bank account.


There may be instability in your relationships due to a desire for freedom on either partner's end. Give yourself some space to connect with your individuality. You may be allowing your relationships to define you. Aspects about who you are that you may have been avoiding will no longer remain a secret. It's time for you to acknowledge your emotional truth.


You may find yourself feeling disorganized this week, as though you can't seem to commit to your usual routine. This is because you're feeling inspired to try something different. Let it inform your process in the long run. Emotions may be high this week as well, so you might want to reserve some time to process them on your own. Take note of your inner thoughts.