How Long Does A Full Moon Last? Here's How To Make The Most Of It

On July 9, those of us in the northern hemisphere experienced a rather powerful full moon known as the Thunder Moon.

A quick lesson: A full moon happens in the middle of the lunar cycle, which happens when the moon is on direct opposite side of the earth from the sun. Since we were kids, we've watched the moon go through its phases.

The full moon is more than just phase, though. This moon stage is a cleansing cycle, and as we've already told you, a full moon can signal a lot for your life.

This stage of a moon has the potential for great power; just as the moon controls the tides, the moon's energy can be used in your own life.

A full moon can bring about the end to a stage and symbolize a new beginning. It's a time to start over, refresh, and begin anew. Sounds great, right?!

But a full moon is also a time of magnification, both good and bad. Our state of mind and our outlook can affect whether we harness that magnification for positivity or negativity in our lives.

So How Long Does A Full Moon Last?

Benjamin Davies/Unsplash

Because the sun and moon need to be lined up on opposite side of the earth for a full moon, a full moon technically only lasts for a few seconds, max. Without a telescope, a full moon goes on for a lot longer. Because our eyes can't pick up on such teeny tiny movements, a full moon can look to us like it lasts for a few days.

Over the span of about four days, the moon goes from 95 percent illuminated, to full, to 95 percent again. So while a full moon is only a moment's time, it looks to the human eye to last a length of about four days.

The moon's cycle takes place in the course of about a month; in the early days of each month, you can expect a full moon occurrence.

What Are Full Moons Used For?

The moon represents the feminine, caring side to our human nature. Look at full moons as a time for rebirth, or as the beginning of a new cycle.

At the start of a full moon, the time is right for a change or new opportunity in your life. This moon stage represents a wave of new possibilities and time for change, so, like a New Year's resolution, it's the time to jump into new experiences and take chances.

A full moon is the time to jump on a new job opportunity, try out that new haircut, jump into a new relationship, or say goodbye to one that's just not working. Think of it as shedding the old, whether it be a frame of mind or state of being, and stepping into the new and fresh.

Cultures dating years back have looked at the full moon as source of intense, action-taking energy. Full moon rituals, utilizing bowls of water and candles, are used as a way to get further in touch with the moon's energy and cultivate the spirit of a new form.

If you're not that into the power of the full moon, though, use the moon cycle to reevaluate your goals and opportunities. Are you happy with the people and things in your life? What is holding you back? What is stopping you from accessing you inner joy?

Reflecting on these things, you can use the fleeting power of the full moon to achieve balance in strength in you monthly rebirth. Happy full moon!