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The Full Moon In Aquarius Is Coming On August 15 & It's Bound To Rock Your World


Is it full moon time already? Just as soon as I feel as though I've processed all the emotional intensity of the last full moon, another one arrives. But that's how the lunar cycle works — it provides you with a reliable cycle of spiritual growth and release. During the new moon, you are encouraged to set an intention and look forward to a new beginning. By the time you reach the full moon, your intentions reach a sense of fruition, and you can let go of it all. Look forward to the full moon in Aquarius 2019 because it's coming at you fast and it's bound to rock your world.

You might be wondering why full moons are such a wild ride. I mean, the full moon is intense to look at, werewolves supposedly morph into their monstrous forms during this time, and there are all sorts of lore surrounding this lunar event. But what about it makes it so effective on an astrological level? Well, this is when the sun forms an exact opposition to the moon. In astrology, the sun rules your overall character while the moon rules your inner self. Think of it this way: The sun casts a light on you that everyone can see. However, the moon comes out at night, revealing the parts of you that remain a secret to the vast majority of the people in your life. When the sun and moon form an opposition, there's a bit of a fight going on between all that you know and everything you have yet to find out. That's why full moons are famous for being the harbingers of change and revelation.

Stay tuned, because the full moon in Aquarius is no different. Here's why:


The full moon in Aquarius takes place at 8:29 a.m. ET on Aug. 15.

As a zodiac sign, Aquarius isn't known for being the most emotional. Instead, this fixed air sign is famous for being aloof, detached, and rational. However, there's no zodiac sign that's completely devoid of emotion; it's mostly that the Aquarius way of dealing with feelings is not the usual way. It searches for an intellectual understanding of what's going on emotionally, which aids you in processing everything through a more cerebral or mental way. Aquarius is also the humanitarian of the zodiac and really strives to make the world a better place, which is where its social concerns come in. This lunation will call attention to the causes you care about, as well as the communities you're involved in.

No matter how well you astrologically flow with the zodiac sign Aquarius, this is bound to be a strange and uncomfortable lunation. This full moon forms an opposition with both Venus (planet of love and beauty) as well as Mars (planet of drive and sexuality), which will create discord and pull out truths you were never expecting to realize. Deep-seated conflicts regarding your love and social lives will be brought to light, and because aggressive Mars is involved, those conflicts could get extra heated.

However, this lunation is protected and bolstered by the trine the sun will be forming with expansive and optimistic Jupiter, which encourages growth. Even if you find yourself being dragged through the mud, know that it's all opening your sense of self and making it something much larger and more powerful. Neptune (planet of dreams and spirituality) will also be forming a healing sextile with Saturn (planet of long-term commitment), which will help you see the bigger picture and focus on separating yourself from your ego. If you focus on letting go of your pride during this lunation, nothing can stop you.