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So Many Exciting Things Are Happening In Your Aquarius Season Horoscope

There's always a strange sense of relief the moment Aquarius season roll around. Capricorn season is never a walk in the park — that was especially true this year, given the cluster of planets hovering over this cardinal earth sign. However, now that your Aquarius season 2020 horoscope is here, it's time to shift the energy toward the future and your higher mind. Think you can handle that? Not to worry, it's going to be an exciting time. Remember, it's when you surrender to the flow of the seasons that you are able to experience the fulfillment you crave.

The past couple of years have been somewhat challenging as Saturn-Pluto-South Node in Capricorn are in the midst of destroying traditions, foundations, and even the government as you know it. This is why the beginning of 2020 might've felt almost too serious. But again, Aquarius season always comes to save the day. Governed by revolutionary Uranus — planet of chaos, technology, and rebellion — the essence of Aquarius revolves around your freedom and your unique sense of belonging in the world. In other words, it's time to showcase all of the work you took on during Capricorn season.

Are you ready to find your soul tribe? Everyone deserves to surround themselves with likeminded individuals who genuinely accept them for who they are. On that note, here's what Aquarius season has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: You're Making Opportune Connections

This season should be interesting, Aries. With the sun traveling through Aquarius, shedding light over your 11th house of friendship circles and extended community, you'll be focusing on collaborative efforts and your sense of belonging in the world. Then again, with Aquarius' planetary ruler, Uranus, revolutionizing your financial sector, which also governs your value system, something tells me you'll also be liberating yourself from teams, tribes, or networks that no longer measure up to your self-worth.

Taurus: You're Finding Freedom In Your Professional Life

Your career path is changing, Taurus. If this doesn't resonate with you, then perhaps it may revolve around your sense of authority. However, with the sun energizing and revitalizing your 10th house of legacy, authority figures, and destiny in the world, there is definitely something brewing here for you. Some of you might experience a powerful culmination on the home front as well, so stay tuned for that.

Gemini: It Feels Like You're Walking On Sunshine

Bad news first, Gemini? Your curious planetary ruler will retrograde this season — but this isn't your first rodeo, so you'll be fine. Although, Mercury will retrograde through your career sector, so make sure you stay mindful of what you're communicating, and to whom, in the workplace. Besides that, you will likely experience closure in regard to a conversation of sorts, or perhaps a situation with a sibling or close relative during this time. Meanwhile, the sun will be energizing and revitalizing your expansive ninth house of education and opportunities, so don't be afraid to take the necessary risks.

Cancer: You're Cleaning House In Every Way

No new friends, Cancer? OK, fine... but what about your network? Something needs to go, and with the sun activating your auspicious eighth house of sex, debt, transformation, and intimate unions, there's no doubt you're about to shed some more snake skin. I know it's been a lot, especially with the North Node in your sign and Pluto directly opposing you, but you need to remember that the universe is always working in your favor. Mercury will also retrograde via your expansive ninth house of religion, education, and philosophy, so there's definitely something here for you to review.


Leo: You're Unapologetically Taking Center Stage

Relationships will be top of mind this season, Leo. However, there's also going to be a full moon in your sign and, well... you only get one of these per year. That means your individuality and sense of self will be a major theme, but with Aquarius' planetary ruler, Uranus, revolutionizing your 10th house of career, I'm pretty sure this cosmic culmination will revolve around your sense of authority and destiny in the world as well. In the meantime, make sure you take a step back and reflect on your relationship dynamics, as the sun will be activating your committed seventh house of partnerships all season.

Virgo: You're Discovering New Ways Of Working

New year, new you? With the sun energizing and revitalizing your orderly sixth house of health, responsibility, and due diligence, you'll probably be focusing on your day-to-day sphere and general levels of productivity. Also, with Aquarius' planetary ruler, Uranus, revolutionizing your expansive ninth house of philosophy, publishing, and travel, you might even land an exciting opportunity, or perhaps venture into unknown territory. This, of course, will be completely different from your current routine, so make sure you take advantage of this energy.

Libra: It's Time For You To Play

With the sun activating your expressive fifth house of love, creativity, expression, and children this season, not to mention Aquarius' planetary ruler, Uranus, revolutionizing your sultry eighth house of sex and intimacy, something tells me you'll be giving those come hither eyes left and right. Also, your sex life will probably be under a magnifying glass, but I dare to say it's because you'll be looking for new ways to explore your desires and passions. Aquarius likes to think outside the box, so don't hesitate to embrace your freedom, Libra.

Scorpio: You're Going Inward And Trying To Detach

Take a deep breath, Scorpio. Last season, you reflected on your voice, thought process, and mental endurance. Now that the sun shifted into Uranus-ruled Aquarius and your cozy fourth house of home, family, and emotional truth, your focus is shifting toward your inner world and your family. Given that the energy of Aquarius prefers to liberate itself from emotional situations, you might feel the need to detach from whatever's been weighing you down as of late. Also, with Uranus revolutionizing your relationship sector, you're analyzing the dynamics in your one-on-one partnerships, along with your ability to compromise (which can definitely be a challenge for you).


Sagittarius: You're Brainstorming And Collaborating

Your ideas are always brilliant, Sagittarius. What's stopping you from integrating them with your work and conversations? With the sun shaking up your chatty third house of communication, thought process, and immediate network, there will be a focus on your dialogue and general resourcefulness. Speaking of being resourceful, Aquarius' planetary ruler, Uranus, is in the midst of revolutionizing your sixth house of due diligence, so something tells me you're about to embark on an exciting new journey or collaborative effort.

Capricorn: You're Discovering Ways To Make More Money

You made it, Capricorn, and now the sun is energizing and revitalizing your money-hungry second house of income, finances, values, and sense of security. Given Aquarius' rebellious nature, however, you'll probably be thinking of innovative ways to earn a living. For instance, if you recently considered the thought of launching your own business, now might very well be the time. But make sure you do it before Mercury retrograde.

On another note, there will be a full moon in Leo, which will shake up your sultry eight house of debt, intimate unions, and transformation. Full moons bring closure and clarity, so think back to the new moon in Leo back in 2019 for reference.

Aquarius: You're Owning Your Individual Truth

This is your solar revolution, which is when the sun returns to the same place it was at your time of birth. Happy birthday! There's a lot happening for you on the home front, especially with your rebellious planetary ruler there. Beyond that, there's going to be a full moon activating your relationship sector this season. Full moons bring closure and clarity, but in this area of your chart, it will likely revolve around your one-one-one partnerships. I know it's been a challenging few months, but there's still stuff you need to rid yourself of before living your best life.

Pisces: You're Finally Seeing The Logic In The Situation

Aquarius governs your 12th house of closure, dreams, karma, and all things behind the scenes — which just so happens to be your sleepy house of rulership — which means you might feel a bit hazy. However, this is only preparing you for your birthday next season, so feel free to lay low and get some rest.

If there's something you've been repressing or keeping to yourself out of fear, this season might help you squeeze the common sense out of your ocean of emotions. So, it's a good time to forgive and move on, or ask someone you love for a second chance. You've got this, Pisces.