Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It's Time To Reap The Rewards Of Your Hard Work

As of this week, we're fully submerged under the weight of both Saturn and Pluto in retrograde. These periods overwhelm the world with change. You won't be nudged gently out of your comfort zone; you'll be shoved with full force. Although your surroundings will be imbued by the loss of the old and blurred by the rush of the new, these periods are beautiful for many reasons. One of them being that your April 23, 2018, weekly horoscope allows you to make meaningful improvements within yourself. With the status of everything in jeopardy, you have so much power over your fate.

You're currently working toward the intentions you set on the new moon in Aries last week. It will all culminate with a powerful full moon in Scorpio on April 29. If you've set serious goals and put in the hours, the moon at full bloom will absolutely reward you for your hard work. The period between these two particular lunar phases will be especially powerful, because both moons occurred under zodiac signs ruled by Mars — the most aggressive and forceful planet of all. Feel free to embrace the shower of energy.

This week isn't all hard work and productivity either. On April 24, Venus moves into Gemini, making everything light, playful, clever, and fun. Stay tuned for this bubbly energy to unfold in your social life.


On April 24, both the sun and Venus will be blasting energy into your second house of money. This is a great week to go above and beyond at work, to acquire new skills that will catapult your earning power to new levels. You'll have incredibly charm, allowing you to communicate your financial needs clearly, sell yourself, and earn people's trust.


The sun is blaring your name and you'll be moving at a very fast and productive rate. If you stay open-minded, you'll experience many revelations about your life that will help you live better. By the full moon on April 29, you will likely know exactly what needs to be done to improve your social life, bring your relationships closer, and get more out of your career.


By the time Venus moves into your sign on April 24, you will feel like yourself again. The past few weeks may have made you feel impatient and unsure of yourself, but with Venus back in harmonious aspect with you, you'll be able to see everything clearly again. It's a good week to be social. By the full moon in Scorpio, you'll be able to detox your mind, body, and spirit.


Mars and Jupiter form a bond this week that will allow you to both take your relationships to the next level and tap into your creative juices. This energy is building up to the full moon in Scorpio on April 26, where all this whirlwind energy is supposed to amount to. This is a great week to give your all to something or someone. It will mean so much.


With Venus moving through Gemini in your tenth house of social status, you'll feel like you're at the top of the world, like you can do anything you set your mind to. You being at your A-game makes this week perfect for sewing together any broken seams, for digging into any problems and solving it. The full moon in Scorpio on April 29 will help you solidify your newly erected foundation.


When Venus shifts into Gemini on April 24, it will emblazon your tenth house of social status with bright energy. You'll attract positive attention in your career and personal life. At the same time, the sun moves into your ninth house of adventure, making this week all about expanding your horizons and taking a risk. By the full moon in Scorpio on April 29, you'll be somewhere totally different than you started.


Venus moving into harmonious Gemini on the April 24 will do wonders for your penchant for risk and wildness. Use this week to explore unknown grounds, to try something new and unusual. This spontaneity will infuse your relationships with excitement. By the full moon in Scorpio on April 29, you will have learned so much about your needs and the needs of others in your life.


Mars and Pluto, your ruling planets, combine this week and produce some riveting energy. You will feel all your passions come to a peak and you'll want to pour that force into something wild, like your career or relationship. The avenues for either journey are clear and open for travel. When the full moon in your name comes to a head on April 29, something beautiful will unveil itself.


Your love life will finally receive some exciting energy when Venus transitions to Gemini (your opposite sign) on April 24, entering your seventh house of partnerships. Something surprising is sure to occur here. Perhaps you begin crushing on someone unexpected. Maybe someone you never considered reveals feelings for you. Either way, the whims of romance is sure to find you.


Mars is in your sign, charging you with motivating energy. When it meets with Pluto this week, you will be able to seriously transform your life in any aspect. With Saturn, your ruling sign, in retrograde, you'll be able to pinpoint imperfections and fiercely correct them. By the full moon in Scorpio on April 29, you'll find yourself in a majorly climactic place if you've been working hard enough.


When Venus makes a happy move into Gemini on April 24, it will infuse your fifth house of pleasure with revitalizing energy. This is a great week to run off and be merry, to enjoy the finer things in life. Your twelfth house will take a hit with some conflicting energy from the bond between Mars and Pluto this week. You may be hit with some heavy realizations, especially by the full moon in Scorpio on April 29.


Your third house of communication will be lit on fire by the sun and Venus this week. This is a great week to be social, to use your voice, to have any important conversations. You'll be harmonious with everyone around you. Don't be surprised if people are in awe of the beauty tumbling from your mouth. The full moon in Scorpio on April 29 will unveil something magical, something that seals the deal.