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Your April Tarotscope Will Shine A Light On The Darkness

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There's nothing like a good old-fashioned tarot reading to guide you through the next phase of life. Even though there's something undoubtedly exciting about picking a card and foreseeing your future, tarot is so much more than a parlor trick. Whether you believe in magic, you can glean so much from all the intricate meanings contained within each of the 78 cards in a deck of tarot. Whatever your question may be, the tarot has an answer. If you're in need of some guidance at the moment, your April 2020 tarotscope has everything you need.

Personally, I look at the tarot as a way to connect with my spirit guides and hear messages from beyond. When I ask the tarot my question, I always trust that my spirit guides will draw me toward the card I need to see. Then, I allow the meaning of the card to wash over me. However, you don't need to believe in all that woo-woo stuff in order for the tarot to improve your life. The tarot is also an excellent tool for helping you clarify what your intuition already knows. Perhaps an image on the card or a perspective of its meaning will strike a chord within you, helping you connect the dots.

Regardless of what your opinion of the tarot may be, I have called upon the universe to help me pick a card that describes what your zodiac sign may be going through this upcoming April. Here's what the tarot has to say:


Aries: Eight Of Swords

It might feel as though the world is closing in on you. Your plans are being derailed, your instincts are being suppressed, and it appears as though there's no way out. While the universe may be inhibiting you, that doesn't mean you're trapped. It's time for you to see things from a different perspective. There is a way to freedom. You just need to remain open to embarking down a different path.

Taurus: Ten Of Wands

Give yourself a break. You're putting way too much pressure on yourself to accomplish everything all at once. The universe may be putting you through a difficult time and there's no shame in admitting that something needs to give. You're only human, and overworking yourself won't produce quality results. Rest is just as much a part of the process as hard work.

Gemini: Six Of Wands

Despite what you may think, you really have been working hard. You tend to downplay your victories and underestimate your efforts, but the results you're producing say otherwise. It's time for you to acknowledge that you might actually be doing something right. The additional confidence and self-empowerment will take you even further. Now's not the time to doubt yourself.

Cancer: The Tower

You might feel as though your world has turned completely upside down without warning. While you may feel devastated by these changes, trust that they're an important step in your own personal growth. Sometimes the universe needs to step in and push you into the next phase of life. Trust that when something burns to the ground, beautiful things will soon sprout from the rubble.


Leo: Nine Of Swords

If you allow your fears to go unchecked, they could morph into a total nightmare. The more power you give your anxiety, the bigger it becomes. Luckily, your fear exists entirely in your own head and it can be overcome. When your fears crop up, take stock of the beauty that surrounds you and remember what you're grateful for. These positive thoughts can defeat the negative.

Virgo: Five Of Pentacles

You may be without so many things that you normally rely on. Whether your income is stalling or some of your material comforts are far from reach, this is the time to be resourceful. You can survive on far less than you think. In fact, this time of hardship might remind you to be grateful for the little things you take for granted. Regardless, this is only a temporary bump in the road. It will resolve itself in due time.

Libra: The Hermit

You might secretly feel grateful for all the alone time you've been getting. The hustle and bustle of a busy, sociable life is a nice distraction, but it's time for you to get to know your inner voice. This is a month you should dedicate to soul-searching, especially if you have the luxury of being able to set aside time for solitude. There are some things that need to be done alone. Get to know yourself better.

Scorpio: Ten Of Pentacles

A journey has finally come to an end and you're seeing the material results of all your patience and hard work. You've long worked to forge a life for yourself and now, you're seeing it all come to fruition. Even though you may still be questioning yourself and wondering when the rug will be pulled from under you, nothing can take away everything you've gained. Your achievements are yours.


Sagittarius: Knight Of Cups

It's time to take your dreams and turn them into reality. You've got a creative spark that's capable of bursting into a full-fledged flame if you're willing to embrace it. Quit doubting and judging yourself for feeling called to express yourself artistically. You're yearning to express yourself creatively, so unleash your desire rather than suppress it. You're an artist at heart and you always will be.

Capricorn: The Lovers

You're learning something new about your relationships and the way they should function. It would do you well to work through conflicts and heal yourself from unhealthy relationship patterns. There may even be a new relationship on the horizon or a deepening of a current one. You're ready to make a commitment and prioritize this person in your life. You can create a better life together.

Aquarius: Six Of Pentacles

At times I know your instinct may be to take care of yourself first and foremost, but you will find so much more satisfaction placing the needs of others before your own. Chances are, you're in a lucky and privileged position, making it easy for you to lend a helping hand and share what you have with those who are in need. Make this month about compassion, generosity, and charity. You won't regret it.

Pisces: The Fool

It's as if you're being born again and you're looking at the world with renewed eyes. Quit overthinking everything, because you're about to embark down a path you've never traveled before and you need to be as open-minded about it as possible. There may be turbulence along the way and you may make mistakes, but that doesn't mean you won't have an amazing time on this ride anyway.

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