Your Friday The 13th Horoscope Is Freaky In The Best Way

April 13, 2018 will land on a Friday; you know what that means. Across history, Western societies have led us to believe that Friday the 13th is a day of misfortune. But where did that idea come from? Perhaps it's just old world superstition. Maybe there's a kernel of truth in it. Regardless of what you believe, your April 2018 Friday the 13th horoscope will prove that there's nothing to be afraid of.

For one thing, society didn't always fear Friday the 13th. According to author Tanaaz Chubb, Friday the 13th used to be considered "the day of the Goddess" before Christianity. It was a day surrounded by magic and feminine energy, best spent manifesting your intentions, engaging in creativity, and honoring the soul. What's to fear in that?

Superstition aside, April 13 will gift us with a thin crescent moon in Pisces. Closing in on the new moon, you will feel like setting your pain free and forgiving yourself. You'll be dreaming of new opportunities and energized to go after them. The moon will also be in trine with Jupiter, which will infuse your spirit with positivity. You should embrace your confidence and nurture your innate desires. While you might also feel the ghosts of your past haunting you with the moon in conjunction with wounded Chiron, it will also make you feel more sensitive and empathetic. It's a perfect day to let your Goddess energy loose, so that it can purify and heal the world.


You will feel power swarming all around you. Let ambition be your guide. If you see an opportunity, don't hesitate to take it. You're most powerful when you unleash your energy like the storm you are. Hush your self-doubt and silence your inner critic. Allow your intuition to do the talking.


Your aura is enticing and attractive to everyone you meet. Use your harmonious energy to form connections with those you relate to and those you don't. There is something to be learned from everyone. You have the capacity to bring friends together, to forge a safe community.


Your emotional waters run at a deep current. Spend time in those depths. Discover new corners of your heart. Show someone you trust a part of you that is normally kept secret. Do not be lonely there anymore. Let someone love you the way you've always needed to be loved.


Set aside your pride and love those who are difficult to love. Your talent for healing others is unmatched, and there are people in your life who need it. Your instinct is often to protect yourself but you are strong enough to protect us all. Don't let that power go to waste.


You will feel a desperate pull to improve. The areas of your life that need work will unveil themselves and you will be inspired to do what needs to be done. Patch things up and make repairs so that you can go the extra mile. You are capable of going so far that you'll never fall back.


Optimism will infuse your entire being and you have every reason to enjoy yourself. You find joy in helping others, in being of good use to those around you. You don't want to improve in a superficial way; you want to improve from deep within. Take opportunities to spread your compassion.


You are searching for peace amongst the chaos. If you make self-care a priority, you will find it. Set aside shallow notions of what "success" means and nurture your soul from the ground up. Nothing on paper is of value if you aren't truly happy. Listen to your heart and do what it wants.


A window of hope has opened to let the sunshine in. If you look out this window, you'll see all the beauty on your horizon, all the promise that your future brings. Concentrate on all the wonderful possibilities there are. The darkness will always be there. Today, try the light.


You will find common ground with people you might normally disagree with. You often feel like going against the grain, like forging your own path. You're a natural leader. However, there is still much to be learned from others, and today, you'll absorb wisdom like a sponge.


You're always one of the most ambitious people in the room. You might feel more like focusing that ambition inwardly. Nourish your spirit. Heal yourself from negative thoughts. Charge your spirit with energy, then unleash it on the world without apology.


The source of your healing and improvement lies in your loved ones, especially your family. Counter your instinct to be distant and seek out quality time with those who know you best. If you've been feeling out of place, love and affection will realign you.


Seek out someone who sparks something special in your heart. You have the power to form an irreplaceable connection with someone who clicks with you. Let conversations unfold and take chances in new social environments. You never know who you'll meet.