April 19, 2021 Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope Proves That Taurus Season Is About To Get Interesting Fast

Spring has fully settled into place. The birds are chirping their songs, the poppies are popping in bright orange, and the earth is soaking up one rainstorm after another. As of this week, Taurus season is here, encouraging you to connect with your surroundings through the five senses. Use sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell to feel more grounded in the present moment. Taurus is a zodiac sign that loves meals that remind you of grandma's cooking, gorgeous accessories that spice up your outfit, and blankets that feel as soft as a cloud. Your April 19, 2021 weekly horoscope proves that Taurus season is about to get interesting fast.

In fact, it begins with plenty of cosmic shifts. Although Taurus is known for being a steady and reliable zodiac sign, your relationships are bracing for change by April 22. This is when romantic Venus will join forces with erratic Uranus, infusing your relationships with unpredictable energy. You may feel a desire for more independence and freedom if your relationship has been constricting, and if it's felt stagnant, this could inject it with some much needed excitement.

By April 23, driven Mars will enter sensitive and avoidant Cancer, which may encourage you to let your heart take the lead. You may process your anger through the intensity of your emotions. However, you could also feel less direct and more passive aggressive in the heat of conflict, making you want to take the easier way out instead of facing the issue head on. By April 24, communicative Mercury will also join forces with Uranus, which could lead to innovative thinking, unexpected strokes of genius, and conversations that shock you to your core.

However, things may come to a screeching halt by April 25. This is when Venus will square off with inhibiting Saturn, which could evoke roadblocks and obstacles in your relationships, potentially leading to feelings of isolation. These challenges are an opportunity to test the strength of your connections and see what they're made of. Mercury will also square off with Saturn, which could leave you feeling insecure about your intellect and hesitant to speak up. Have faith in what you know and trust that it's more than enough.

Luckily, April 25, is also when Mercury will join forces with Venus, which will radiate a sense of charm and ease throughout your social life and love life. Even though your relationships are bracing for harsh weather, there's always a chance that sunshine and rainbows await you at the end of a storm.



You may feel as though the ground beneath you is unsteady this week, forcing you to find that stability within yourself. Possessions come and go. Money is temporary. However, your sense of self is what can remain strong and resilient throughout it all. Even if you don't feel like you belong. Even if it feels like you don't know what's going to happen next. It's yourself that you can always rely on.


You're changing and you've been changing for a while now. In fact, when you consider the way things have changed over the course of the past couple years, you may feel as though your personality and your identity have gone through some pretty intense transformations. This week, you may feel as though unexpected things are happening to you. But it's only pointing you in a new direction.


Your own imaginary world may feel less safe this week. In fact, you may feel as though your emotions are drifting from one place to another with no rhyme or reason. As much as it may be difficult to roll with the punches, unexpected bursts of insight and enlightenment could arrive. Embrace the surprisingly healing energy that may leave you with a sense of closure and release.


You may find yourself being introduced to interesting and colorful characters this week. You may feel an inexplicable urge to socialize in a vibrant new way. The cosmos are encouraging you to spearhead movements and lead discussions. You're on a journey toward a whole new vision for how much better the world can be. All you have to do right now is believe in your ability to bring it to life.



Things may be rapidly changing in your career. Perhaps you've been thinking about switching careers. Maybe you're not sure what direction you're headed toward. However, there's a strong chance that things cannot continue the way they always have. You're stepping into your strength and embracing the idea that maybe your plans for the future will not go to plan and there's nothing wrong with that.


The cosmos are encouraging you to let go of your obsession with the destination so that you can actually take in the journey. Opportunities are surrounding you; opportunities that may not belong in your comfort circle. In fact, these opportunities may even scare you. However, deep down, you know you're ready for something new. You've outgrown the old and you're craving so much of the new.


Something may unexpectedly come to an end this week. It may not be something deeply significant and it may not even be an ending you feel heartbroken over. Endings have a way of turning into new beginnings, which eventually turn into change. Sometimes, abrupt endings can lead to transformations. Although it comes with growing pains, it's making you stronger than you knew you were capable of being.


There's no way of knowing without a shadow of a doubt what other people are capable of. This week, you may feel as though your relationships are in an unpredictable space, which can feel just as exciting as it does strange. Allow stagnant relationships to be injected with new energy. Take note of the relationships that aren't allowing you to grow and take flight in the way you desire.



You may feel as though you're sick of the monotony. You may not like knowing exactly how your day is going to go. If so, it's time to experiment with new routines and test out new rituals and regimens. There are so many different ways for you to get your work done; so many innovative ways to conduct your work. Don't be afraid of breaking the rules and writing your own techniques.


You're falling in love with new things this week. In fact, you may feel as though your old hobbies and passions aren't revving your engine the way they used to. This is prompting you to create joy in new ways. It's encouraging you to try out the ventures and activities that you've been dreaming about, but never thought you were meant to go down that direction. Prepare to fall in love when you least expect it.


Your comfort zone is changing this week. The cosmos are forcing you to embrace that it may not be as comfortable as you thought it was. These interferences are encouraging you to create your own sacred space; to redefine your own understanding of what makes home feel like "home." You may feel like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, but it's only motivating you to set yourself free.


You're learning so many new things this week and you're absorbing new information like a sponge. In fact, you may be working on some pretty genius ideas as your brain kicks into gear in a brilliant new way. Engage in conversations with people who share your passion for innovation. Study topics that you wouldn't normally study. If you discover something shocking, give yourself time to process it.