Romantic Spring 2021

These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Most Romantic Spring Season

Romance is not contingent on any time of year, because every season carries its own intrinsic magic. However, there's something particularly enchanting about spring. After all, spring represents the glimmer of new life. After a gray and dreary winter, spring is when the sun's radiant glow thaws all the iciness to reveal a beautiful world waiting beneath the layer of cold. Flowers feel brighter, bolder, and more alive. The birds are singing, the air smells fragrant, and the grass is as green as emerald. When you walk outdoors, can't you simply feel the vibrant vibrations soaking through your skin? The natural world is coming back alive and you, too, are being reborn. Every zodiac sign will feel this enticing shift, but spring 2021 will be the most romantic season for these zodiac signs — Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer — and the cosmos are handing them each a red rose.

The romance will ebb and flow all throughout spring, however, there are some particularly romantic dates to keep track of. On April 14, Venus — planet of love, friendship, and luxury — will enter its home zodiac sign of Taurus. This will kick off a period of pleasure-seeking, stability in your relationships, fashion-forward thinking, and an overall increase in the beauty that surrounds you. On May 13, Jupiter — planet of adventure, expansion, and growth — will also enter its home zodiac sign of Pisces. This will spur a period of infinite possibilities, a general uptick in luck, and dream-come-true energy. No joke, Jupiter in Pisces is the moment you've all been waiting for.

However, spring may also be when defining moments in your love life take place. On May 23, a total lunar eclipse in spontaneous and freedom-loving Sagittarius will reveal the truth in your relationships, leading to major developments.

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Aries: You're Feeling Yourself And Remembering Your Worth

For you, things get romantic fast, Aries. In fact, Venus enters your zodiac sign on March 21, literally jumpstarting springtime with an added bonus of romantic energy. You may find yourself feeling more open to self-love and confident in your worth. On March 28, a full moon will also blast through your relationship sector, showing you which relationships are here to stay for the long haul.

Taurus: You're Attracting Someone Stable And Down To Earth

You're a romantic zodiac sign all the way down to your core, Taurus. Admit it — underneath your stoic exterior is someone who just wants to be swept off their feet. When Venus enters your zodiac sign on April 14, you'll find that all sorts of potential lovers wants to do just that. However, when the full moon radiates through your relationship sector on April 26, you may find yourself zeroing in on one lover in particular.

Gemini: You're Powers Of Persuasion Are Hard To Refuse

You've got it going on, Gemini. When Venus enters your zodiac sign on May 8, you have every reason to smile. After all, this transit will enhance your already devilish good looks and wicked sense of humor, not to mention your way of flirting without even trying. However, this spring isn't just fun and games for you. On May 26, a lunar eclipse in your seventh house of partnerships means a serious development in your love life.

Cancer: You're Getting A Taste Of The Romance To Come

Spring may not be when Cancer season takes place, but it's certainly when the romance begins. As a matter of fact, Venus enters Cancer on June 2, shining a light on your best qualities. Prepare to not only feel more in love with others, but also feel totally and completely in love with yourself. Soak it up and rest assured that a romantic end of spring is only preparing you for a summer filled with butterflies in your stomach.