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Things Are Strange In Your Beaver Moon Horoscope


When a full moon rises through the night sky, you know something major is about to go down. This is when the moon is at its most potent and powerful. Marking a moment of culmination, revelation, and reward, the full moon always leaves you feeling different than you felt before. You may be confronted with a deeper truth, encouraging you to close a chapter and embark down a new path. Brace yourself, because your 2019 Beaver Moon horoscope will provide you a glimpse of where you may be headed next.

This full moon lavishes in physical, down-to-earth, and tangible Taurus as it forms an opposition with the sun in passionate, spiritual, and transformative Scorpio. This lunation calls attention to your foundation in life. It asks for balance between your concern for material stability and emotional stability. Are you providing space for investments of the heart, as well as investment in your practical goals? Be vulnerable to the beauty of the world you live in. Listen to it, touch it, taste it, marvel at it, and fall in love with it.

Although it would be nice if your feelings on this full moon made sense, that's rarely ever the case. As it forms an opposition with Mercury retrograde, there's a scatterbrained energy surrounding this full moon that could lead to confusion and missed connections. There is also a pull to the past, pushing you to revisit relationships and situations you've never truly closed the door on. Be careful not to make any solid decisions regarding these resurfacing memories, as Venus — planet of love — will also form a square to hazy and distorting Neptune. Be patient as the results of this full moon settle into place over time.

Regardless of the fog settling over this full moon, there is so much motivating you to conquer your dreams, think long term, and set your sights on goals that align with your higher self. As this full moon forms a trine with Saturn — planet of delayed gratification — as well as Pluto — planet of transformation — it is pushing you to start from the bottom and work your way all the way up to the sky. No matter how far behind you feel or how impossible it seems, this full moon is a reminder you can make anything happen as long as you maintain discipline. It's a reminder that the biggest success takes time and patience.



What do you need in order to feel self-sufficient and confident in your commitment to yourself? Are you in a stable enough position to pursue your dreams? Rethink your financial goals and come to terms with how you can build a more solid foundation from which you can blossom.


It's as if every aspect of your life has been brought to your attention. What isn't aligning with your truest self? You've outgrown so many things you may still be attaching yourself to, so you don't have to be loyal to a fault. Be courageous enough to change, even when you said you wouldn't.


You don't have to participate in the outer world when your inner world is begging for your visit. Your intuition is whispering softly to you and quiet is required in order for you to hear it. Give yourself space to heal from these wounds in your past, and permission to heal however you need to.


Your dreams and wishes are coming in to focus. You're getting a better idea of what it is you came into this life to create. However, these dreams are so much bigger than you are. They have the power to affect everyone. Gravitate toward those who make you feel like your dreams are possible.



Where are you hiding all your talent? Why are you diminishing your potential? You might be surprised by how impressed the world will be when you're finally ready to showcase what you've been working on. Don't let the fear of failure prevent you from trying, because trying at all is a success.


Not everything in this life is supposed to make sense. Life can't always fit in a perfect schedule, nor can every accident be avoided. Embrace the unexpected quality of life and remember this is an adventure. Try as you might, there's no way of knowing what the destination will look like.


If fear is encompassing you, don't let that convince you you're not brave. It's living in spite of that fear that makes you brave. There are some tough decisions that must be made and every option may feel just as terrifying. Know that saying goodbye doesn't mean it's over, it means it's just beginning.


Each one of us is a self-containing universe filled with beauty and sorrow. To form a healthy partnership is to share what both partners have to offer. What results is creativity, healing, laughter, and commitment. Make sure your partnerships make your life better than before.



It's easy to get lost in your own thoughts and let your anxieties consume you whole. Remember, so much of what you imagine to be the truth is not based on objective fact. You can concentrate on what's genuinely real by focusing on a daily routine that serves your best self.


Your inner child is knocking on your door, begging to be let outside to play. Not everything in this life needs to be taken so seriously. There are more important things than rules, appearances, and winning. Remember that you're here to enjoy this life. It's the most important thing of all.


All the noise outside can't compare to the quiet and peace that can be found at home. Spend time recreating and rejuvenating your home environment. Let down your guard in a safe place and rest as long as you need. Your home is the greatest gift, so give your home the gift of your presence.


Your mind is reverberating with genius ideas that cannot be kept all to yourself. Let your thoughts turn into conversations that inevitably become friendships with likeminded individuals. Don't be afraid of voicing your truth or sharing your opinions, because your intelligence shines so bright.