'You' Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, & Theories

'You' Season 3 Added A Mysterious New Character & He Could Be Joe's Next Rival

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From a surprise pregnancy to a new 'burbs address, the You Season 2 finale left viewers with a lot of questions. While at first it seemed like Joe (Penn Badgley) might have changed his murderous ways, the last few moments of Season 2 made it clear he hadn't fully reformed. While it might be a while before fans get to see what kind of twists and turns are ahead, the speculation around You Season 3's premiere date, cast, trailer, and theories are enough to keep viewers enthralled until the next chapter of the dark tale comes to Netflix.

Season 2 left off with Joe and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) getting settled into a new life in the suburbs. After learning Love was just as depraved as he was, Joe had every intention of leaving her. Once he found out she was pregnant, however, he decided to stay.

While there are plenty of mysteries still lingering — like what's the deal with Joe's mom — there are plenty of confirmed deets to look forward to, including some *interesting* info about Joe and Love's mysterious new neighbor.

Here's everything we know about You Season 3 so far:

'You' Season 3 Premiere Date

On Jan. 14, Netflix announced via Twitter that the series was renewed and would be returning for a third season. At the time, the release date was projected for sometime in 2021. However, due to production delays as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, that timeline may be pushed back.

On Nov. 2, Netflix announced You Season 3 was officially in production. Whether the season will be ready in time for its projected 2021 premiere date, or if it'll be pushed to 2022, the post didn't say.

'You' Season 3 Cast

In addition to Badgley and Pedretti returning as the leading murderous couple, a few new faces are coming to the show in Season 3. Oct. 15 casting announcements revealed Shalita Grant (NCIS: New Orleans) and Travis Van Winkle (The Last Ship) would be joining the series. Grant will play Love's new "mom-fluencer" frenemy named Sherry, and Van Winkle will play Cary, Joe's wealthy new buddy.

On Oct. 21, Deadline described another new, potentially twisted character, Matthew, played by Scott Speedman. Matthew is "a successful CEO, husband, and uncommunicative father. He's reserved, at times mysterious, and has a tendency to be withdrawn, all of which masks a deep well of emotion underneath."

Another info dump on Nov. 18 revealed a slew of new cast members, as well as the characters they will be playing. Most notable is Michaela McManus (The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill), who will play Joe and Love's new neighbor, Natalie. According to TVLine, Natalie is "professionally and socially successful," but there's more to her than meets the eye — and Joe knows it. Variety also reports Natalie is married to a powerful man but leads a secret life, one that Joe is keen on uncovering. Basically, both character descriptions make it clear Natalie is going to be the next object of Joe's obsession, which is what fans have been speculating ever since he spotted her in the backyard in the Season 2 finale.


Along with McManus, here are the other cast members and corresponding characters announced for You Season 3, per Variety:

  • Saffron Burrows, who played Love and Forty's mom, Dottie, in Season 2 is back in the role.
  • Dylan Arnold will play college student Theo.
  • Tati Gabrielle, who you probs know as Prudence in Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is Marienne, a no-nonsense librarian.
  • Ben Mehl will play Dante, another librarian.
  • Shannon Chan-Kent is Kiki, one of Sherry's friends.
  • Christopher Sean is Brandon, Kiki's husband.
  • Christopher O’Shea recurs as Andrew, another member of Sherry's neighborhood clique.
  • Bryan Safi recurs as Jackson, Andrew's hubby.
  • Mackenzie Astin is a geology professor named Gil — perhaps a teacher at Theo's college?
  • Ayelet Zurer will play couples therapist Dr. Chandra, and I already can't wait to see her attempt to get to the bottom of Love and Joe's issues.
  • Jack Fisher will play a Young Joe, which means fans are getting more flashback scenes.
  • Mauricio Lara will be Paulie, a friend of Young Joe's.

On Jan. 26, yet another new character was revealed, and the actor playing him will be a familiar face to many. Scott Michael Foster (of Greek and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fame) is joining the cast as a character named Ryan. According to Deadline, Ryan is a local TV news reporter and an affable single father... but with a dark side. The outlet reports Ryan can be controlling and calculating — which, TBH, sounds a lot like our old pal, Joe. Perhaps these two will have to face off to see who's the most twisted.

'You' Season 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, no You Season 3 trailers have been released as of Nov. 19, and from the looks of things, fans shouldn't expect one anytime soon. The teaser trailer for You Season 2 was released just 20 days before the season's premiere and the official trailer just 10 days before, so it might not be until about a month before the release that fans will get a Season 3 trailer.

'You' Season 3 Theories

Despite no release date in sight, there are plenty of You Season 3 theories circling already. Some viewers think the next season will shift focus to Love, making her the main character instead of Joe. Others think Ellie (Jenna Ortega) will expose Joe for who he is, or that Forty's (James Nicholas Scully) movie script will be the nail in his coffin.


The most popular theory, however, is that Love will turn into Joe's enemy. Badgley told TVLine: “He’s afraid of her at the end. Basically, it’s set up for Season 3 in a way where they would be each other’s arch nemesis.”

However Season 3 shapes up, with new faces joining the cast and the couple's strange suburban life, there's plenty to look forward to in what's sure to be another depraved season of You.