'You' Season 3 theories are already springing up after the Season 2 finale.

These 5 'You' Season 3 Theories Could Hint At What's Next For Joe


You Season 2 may have only just debuted on Netflix, but the diehard fans of Joe Goldberg's hybrid murder-love story have already marathoned through all 10 new episodes and are mulling over where the show could go after this. Netflix has yet to officially pick up You for a third season, but that cliffhanger ending certainly makes another round of episodes seem very likely. These You Season 3 theories would all be wild new directions for the show to go, but they also seem at least somewhat likely after the events of Season 2.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Season 2 of You. The second season of Netflix's psychosexual drama transplanted Joe Goldberg to Los Angeles and gave him the new identity of Will Bettelheim. The real twist, though, came in the finale episode, when Joe realized his new obsession was a much more perfect match for him than he thought. As it turned out, Love Quinn had no qualms about killing to keep her relationship alive, and although the revelation startled Joe, the two killers ended up moving to a house in suburbia together and expecting their first child.

With a third season seeming very likely (author Caroline Kepnes is already writing the third and fourth books in her You saga), it's time to start theorizing about what the future holds for Joe. Check out these theories and start deciding which ones you think are most likely to come true.

1. Joe's neighbor is his mom.


The biggest question left at the end of the season is the identity of Joe's new neighbor, whom has clearly become his new fixation. All we see of the mystery woman is the back of her head as she reads books in her yard, but fans have already come together behind a prominent theory about her: She's Joe's mom. Joe notably never answered Love's question about whether his mom was still alive or not earlier in the season, and all the flashbacks to his childhood showed his close but fraught relationship with his mother. It sounds like Joe's obsession in Season 3 won't be a brand new woman at all.

2. Love will be the new protagonist.

You fans only just learned the truth about Love in Season 2's final episode, so there is still so much unknown about her. What we do know is that she is actually very similar to Joe... so similar, in fact, that the You creative team could feasibly totally flip the script with Season 3 and make Love the narrator for the run of episodes. After all, she's scarily in love and totally down to murder anyone to keep Joe with her, including whoever this new neighbor might be.

3. Joe & Love will move out of Los Angeles.

You has changed its setting in its first two seasons, and it sounds like that may be a trend for the show moving forward. Author Caroline Kepnes revealed her third You book will see Joe moving to a small community in the Pacific Northwest, where he will work in a library and meet a former grunge rocker. The show has been straying from the books more and more as it continues, so nothing is for sure, but it certainly seems like we may see Joe and Love relocate to somewhere near Portland or Seattle.

4. Forty's movie will expose Joe.


Forty may be dead after the events of the Season 2 finale, but he may still be the key to taking Joe down. After all, his script adaptation of Beck's novel, The Dark Face of Love, basically lays out all of Joe's crimes, as Candace pointed out to him. Forty may be gone, but his script is still floating around Hollywood, and if the right person is able to connect the dots, then Joe could be in for some big trouble.

5. Ellie will expose Joe.

Speaking of Forty's movie script, not only does Ellie very likely still have a copy of the damning write-up, but she is also the only person besides Love who knows for sure that Joe did kill Henderson and that Love killed Delilah, thanks to Joe's confession to her in the finale. Ellie may have run off to start a new life in Florida, but she could easily destroy Joe's life if she decides to. So watch out for the possibility of Ellie's revenge in Season 3.