Yes, A Lil Wayne x American Eagle Collaboration Is Seriously Happening

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American Eagle

Alien enthusiasts storming Area 51 might actually not be the weirdest thing you read about this week. In truly mind boggling news, a Lil Wayne x American Eagle collaboration is in the works, proving no sartorial partnership is too implausible in 2019. I've got to say, though — the collection actually boasts some legitimately cool pieces that'll seamlessly carry over from summer into fall, and I guarantee you'll be wanting to add a few of them to your wardrobe stat. Who would have thought that American Eagle joining forces with planet Weezy would result in the most far out fashion news of the summer?

Set to drop on August 10, the collection will feature a lineup of 25 pieces including hoodies, jackets, pants, shorts, tees, bags, jewelry, and boxers. Everything will retail between $8 and $100, staying well within American Eagle's typical price range. A tie-dye denim jacket and matching distressed jeans are early standouts from the collection (tie-dye everything is trending right now), but Lil Wayne cited his favorite picks as a black hoodie and matching socks in an interview with Complex. Everything from the lineup is emblazoned with the words "Young Money," which is a reference to Lil Wayne's record label, Young Money Entertainment.

American Eagle

"This is authentic because American Eagle customers are the kids of America. Our customers are Gen Z, and youth culture embodies creativity, individuality, and all kids love music," Michael Goldberg, American Eagle's creative director, told Complex of the collaboration. "So, as an iconic artist who pushes culture forward, Wayne is the perfect fit for the American Eagle customer. We stand for individuality and self-expression, and who better to represent that than Lil Wayne?"

Check out some standout pieces from the collection below and pick which ones you'll want to score come August 10.

See what I mean by this jacket being a standout piece? Its watery color way and '70s style lettering make it feel all kinds of groovy.

If you want to rock the collaboration in very minimal form, this hat is the piece for you. You still get some of the tie-dye effect via the graphic but its black base color means it'll go with anything.

Its colors scream summer but its long sleeves scream fall. The perfect transitional dressing piece? I think yes.

Bermuda shorts have been dominating my summer style as of late, and I'd love to rock this pair with a black crop top and my checkered slip-on Vans. Comfy cool at its best.

One time I saw Lil Wayne wearing a black Young Money sweatshirt. So I bought a black Young Money sweatshirt.

This tee looks comfy AF and it boasts a little pocket to boot. Who wouldn't want to add this to their wardrobe?

If you love bucket hats and dressing for the financial status you want, this bucket hat needs to be on your head ASAP. Featuring a print of $100 bills, it'll make your style look all kinds of rich.

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