William & Kate's Body Language At Prince Louis' Christening Shows They Have Parenting Down

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Everything having to do with Prince Louis should be top priority, because let's be real... the little royal is just about as cute as can be. Like, seriously cute. But as most of us can imagine, having a new baby in addition to two other kids can be stressful AF. The good news is that William and Kate's body language at Prince Louis' christening was as solid as ever. The Duchess of Cambridge and the newest pint-sized addition to the fam couldn't have looked better at the ceremony as well. It's great to see that things are going smoothly for William and Kate, because parenthood is no joke and can definitely put some serious strain on a marriage. And while some people may scoff at the idea that anyone with that much wealth and influence could ever be unhappy together, this isn't always the case. Thankfully, there seemed to be nothing but joyous celebration between the royal couple.

As a matter of fact, the entire royal family seemed to be full of genuine smiles at The Chapel Royal, St. James' Palace in London. It's only natural that this elation was most palpable in William and Kate, seeing as this was a pretty big day for their youngest son, who was born earlier this year on April 23. I spoke with body language expert Traci Brown to get her take on how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are adjusting to life with a third little one.

They've got their family dynamics on lock.
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"William is in step with the kids perfectly and he’s his calm, cool self," Brown tells Elite Daily. "They’re really a tight unit. People who move together are on the same page, focused on the same thing and truly support each other."

While we definitely can't ignore the obvious fact that the royal family's public appearances are no doubt choreographed to some degree, Kate really does look so happy and William looks like he's keeping the other kiddos occupied and in line like any solid co-pilot should.

"Kate holds the baby exactly the same way both in posed pics as in candid shots," notes Brown. So, it's pretty clear that her joy and radiance over her blooming family is most definitely sincere.

They aren't afraid to lean into the formality of the occasion.
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At first glance, I couldn't help but notice that in this more posed shot, William and Kate don't seem to be sitting very close. According to Brown, this is actually pretty typical of the duo.

"They really don’t touch much in public," explains Brown. "It’s royal protocol so they’re keeping up tradition."

Considering the formality of the photo, their lack of physical closeness doesn't necessarily reflect distance in their relationship, but rather, the royal decorum and their commitment to upholding a kind of professionalism in public situations. They also have both of their sons between them, so the distance may just be practical in this particular scenario.

They seem to work well as a team.
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"Kate’s attention is 100 percent focused on the baby, who needs her attention the most," says Brown.

Again we can see that William and the kids are all on the same page and looking out toward the camera so that mom can stay fully focused on baby Louis.

"Both are focused exactly where they need to be," says Brown.

Also, I'm sorry, can we just take a moment to fully appreciate that decadent, lacey train Louis is rocking? Like, I would love to grab a handful of that fabric. So, Princess Charlotte, I feel you girl.

We all know that it can be tempting to seek out any ounce of drama to sensationalize, but honestly, it looks like it's pretty smooth sailing in this corner of the royal family. Both William and Kate seem to have things covered (probably with the help of several nannies, but still). All in all, they seem to be keeping things organized and enjoying their adorable new baby. Royals — they're just like us!