The New Moon In Scorpio Is Definitely Going To Affect Your Mood & Here's How

Whenever I'm feeling more emotional, sensitive, or teary-eyed than usual, I often question whether or not the moon is going through something complex. After all, the moon rules over your internal world, according to astrology. As the moon bravely endures the many phases of her lunar cycle, we are equally affected by the emotional changes. So naturally, when I find myself crying over something I wouldn't normally be crying about, I have to wonder if the moon is feeling what I'm feeling. In fact, I'm already wondering how the new moon in Scorpio 2018 will affect my mood.

Spreading darkness throughout the night sky on Nov. 7, 2018, this new moon will radiate energy from one of the most passionate, profound, and life-changing zodiac signs of them all: Scorpio. A new moon is a fresh start, a chance to plant the seed of a new intention that you can nurture and grow. With Scorpio's transcendent power fueling this lunar event, there's no doubt that you'll be drawn to the most tender part of your heart. Superficiality and pleasantries are useless to Scorpio's complex perspective. What this fixed water sign asks for is authenticity, which is so hard to come by in this world. Allow yourself the freedom to embark on a journey that means something.

Dive Deep To Face Difficult Thoughts And Feelings

Scorpio rules over the eighth house of shared resources, death, and rebirth in astrology. This house is associated with the darkest and most intimate depths of the human psyche, and its energy can land you face-to-face with your worst fear. However, it's also associated with otherworldly forces and transformation. When Scorpio influences the cosmos, a major shift is on the way. It can take you all the way to rock bottom, then help you skyrocket toward a beautiful new beginning.

This new moon has the power to help you unlock a deeper part of yourself. You may feel heavy with feeling, possibly even overwhelmed by all the shadows that you confront. Trust that by visiting your darkness, you'll uncover a greater emotional strength.

Empathy And Sensitivity Toward Yourself And Others

Investigative and intuitive Scorpio has a deadly eye for the truth. This is one of the most psychic zodiac signs of all and it senses things that are often overlooked. Prepare to feel a raw sensitivity towards others. Understanding people, even people you normally don't get along with, will feel far simpler. Remember that people who are difficult to love often need to be loved the most. As long as you remain open-minded, you can forge genuine intimacy with others on this new moon.

Because this new moon will also form a trine with dreamy, nostalgic, and forgiving Neptune, this lunar event will help you come to terms with the past and forgive yourself for everything you wish you had done differently. Make no mistake; this new beginning starts in your heart.

A Connection To Your Deepest Emotional Center

When this new moon takes you to uncharted territory within yourself, it's bound to feel uncomfortable. Speaking for myself, I have plenty of coping mechanisms to help me avoid getting too emotional. Even though a good cry can feel amazing, it's hard to snap yourself out of it and find footing once again. It's also terrifying to face the pain you might find within yourself. However, I am aware that the most beautiful things can happen when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and brave the depths of your soul.

Scorpio can't fathom a world in which everyone avoids their own emotional truth. In Scorpio's opinion, it's not worth it if your heart isn't on board with it. On this new moon, follow exactly what your heart tells you to. Nothing else matters.