Here's How Your Mood Will Be Affected This Week By The Full Moon

If you've ever gazed at the full moon and felt its radiant glow sparkle on your skin, there's no way you can deny its powerful effect on the soul. The moon has been a constant in your life since the beginning. So many memories take place with the moon watching over you. So many moments would never have been complete without its white light shining on the world. Each month, the careful way it grows into its complete shape before gradually vanishing into the night sky marks the wavering nature of life. On a new moon, you're given another chance to set fresh intentions for yourself. By the time of the full moon, you get to see what the seeds of those intentions have grown into. On May 29, you will experience all the beautiful ways the full moon in Sagittarius will affect your mood.

Like the tides in the ocean, the full moon always pulls your deepest waters to the surface, where you end up swimming in some pretty spectacular feelings. When the full moon is in a spontaneous and visionary fire sign like Sagittarius, you are shaken from your stupor and electrified with inspiration. It's no wonder you've been feeling so adventurous lately.

You'll Feel Like Dreaming Big

A Sagittarius is known for seeing the big picture instead of getting bogged down by little details. Never one to play it safe, they always shoot for the moon and they never entertain the possibility of having to settle for less. To them, there's no way their target would ever miss. There's a reason this zodiac sign is symbolized by the archer aiming his arrow.

Under the full moon in Sagittarius, you will feel like anything is possible. No dream is too unrealistic and no idea is too out of this world. If a Sagittarius can see it in their mind’s eye, they have enough proof that it could someday be real. Don’t be surprised if under the stimulating light of this full moon, you’re being struck by one lofty and brilliant idea after another.

You Will Dare To Go The Distance

While you might normally allow your inner-critic tear your ideas apart before you've even had the chance to see them through, the full moon in Sagittarius will make you realize that you're capable of absolutely anything. Courage will beam through your heart and you won't hesitate to acknowledge the depth of your power. A Sagittarius has a vision, one they don't intend to waste by never taking a chance on it. Under this full moon, you will too.

If you find yourself eager to do something spontaneous and exciting, it's because you're supposed to. The Sagittarius full moon is the initial vibrations of summer, a preface for all the adventures yet to come. It will set your spirit rolling until its catching on fire. By the time the season begins, you will be fully acclimated to the wildness of it all. Let this full moon teach you more about yourself.

You Might Also Be A Bit Irresponsible

Because the full moon can be as chaotic as it is peaceful, you may also find yourself forgetting your responsibilities or taking the fun too far. Sagittarius is known for being curious, free-spirited, brave, and motivated. However, they can also be flaky, indulgent, and reckless. Under this full moon, your willingness to say "yes" to every experience offered to you may come at the expense of your priorities. If you find yourself partying a little bit too hard, spending too much money, staying out too late, or possibly even doing something dangerous, it could be the Sagittarius full moon at work. It's important that you keep these things in mind when making decisions because as usual, a full moon never stops nudging you off the edge.