The Possibility Of Indicting Jared Kushner In The Russia Investigation Is Wild

by Chelsea Stewart
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By now, we're all aware of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible collusion between Russia and members of the 2016 Trump campaign. As of late, several prominent figures in the political world have felt the wrath of the investigation, from President Donald Trump's former longtime lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, to his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, to his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. But what about those closest to him, like, say, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, whose name has already come up on various occasions as they relate to the probe? If you've been wondering whether Jared Kushner will be indicted in the Russia investigation, let's just say things could get dramatic.

While it still appears to be too early to say anything for sure, that's not stopping some people from speculating. In July of 2018, member of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Steve Cohen said that he thought Kushner — as well as the president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. — were likely in the crosshairs thanks to connections between members of Trump campaign and Russian individuals. “Some of that was Jared Kushner’s responsibilities, some of it was Donald Jr.," Cohen told CNN. "I think you’re probably going to see indictments of both of those people.” Kushner and Trump Jr. were both present at the famous Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-associated Russian lawyer in the summer of 2016, during the presidential campaign. Trump Jr. confirmed the meeting via tweet, releasing the email chain in which it was arranged. Representatives of Kusher and Trump Jr. did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment on suggestions that they might be indicted. It's also worth noting that Cohen, a Democrat, has been an open critic of the Trump administration, and has introduced articles of impeachment against the president. As of early January, neither Kushner nor Trump Jr. have been formally accused of or charged with any crime.

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If things were to unfold with an indictment, it would likely be a shock to people all over. Though Kushner has indeed met and interviewed with investigators, a source familiar with the talks told ABC News that he was interviewed as a witness — not as a target. The first meeting, reportedly conducted in late 2017, was reportedly in relation to former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI about his contact with Russian officials. The second, held in April 2018, was reportedly about the presidential campaign, Trump's transition into office, and other topics like the circumstances behind James Comey's firing.

A lot seems to boil down to what Flynn told investigators, and whether it contradicts anything Kushner said. After he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI on Dec. 1, 2017, Flynn revealed that he would cooperate with the special counsel's office's investigation. The extent of his cooperation was brought to light in a sentencing memo from Mueller filed on Dec. 4. While most of the details were redacted, Mueller wrote that Flynn provided "substantial evidence" in not only the Russia probe, but also a separate, previously unknown criminal investigation. Elite Daily reached out to the White House for comment about the sentencing memo at the time, but did not hear back.

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On Dec. 4, Michael Zeldin, who worked as Mueller's assistant in the Justice Department during the '80s, told CNN that Kushner could be in trouble depending on what exactly Flynn shared. He said, according to Newsweek, that it depends "on what Kushner has said when he’s been interviewed by Congress and elsewhere," adding, “We know from Mueller that if you lie to him or you lie to government generally, you’re going to get charged with a crime. We don’t know what Kushner said."

“But it’s pretty speculative at this point," Zeldin concluded.

It's anyone's guess when the details Flynn shared will be revealed, but one thing is certain: When it does come out, you won't want to miss it. Stay alert.