Innisfree Is Launching A New Disney Collection With The CUTEST Packaging

2020's cutest beauty products have already been announced, and while I want to be over-the-moon excited, unfortunately, there's a catch. Just one look at Innisfree's Hello 2020 Disney Collection will have you hooked, but the adorable collection won't be available worldwide. If you live in the United States, prepare for some major FOMO, because as of now, there's no guarantee you'll be able to snag these products for yourself.

If you're not familiar with Innisfree, I highly suggest jumping on the K-Beauty bandwagon in 2020. The brand's natural ingredients all come from Korea's Jeju Island, and their green tea, soybean and orchid products are some of the best in the biz. To commemorate the new year, Innisfree has announced a Hello 2020 range with packaging inspired by Disney characters including Mickey, Minnie, and all their pals. Minnie makes an appearance on all the Jeju Orchid products, Goofy on the Soybean Energy collection, Daisy Duck on the Bija Cica line, Pluto on the Green Tea Mist, and Mickey on a variety of hand products. The brand showed a sneak peak of the products on the Innisfree Philippines Instagram account, noting they would drop in January 2020 — unfortunately, not worldwide.

OMG, the packaging is to die for — but is there any way to snag these babies in the United States? As of right now, the answer is a very unhappy "No," since no locations have been announced other than the Philippines. However, Innisfree did drop a successful Toy Story collection in the U.S. last January, so it would make sense to ring in the new year with another cartoon-themed collab. @Innisfree, are you planning to surprise fans on January 1 by making these available in the U.S.? Believe me when I say all of my fingers are crossed. Toes, too.

While the specialty packaging might not be shoppable, American beauty lovers can still shop the products, as the lineup features most of Innisfree's best-selling picks. The Youth-Enriched Cream with Orchid ($29, Innisfree) is a magic purple jar of hydration, thanks to naturally-derived hyaluronic acid, and the Firming Energy Essence ($39, Innisfree) utilizes fermented soybean to tone, firm, and brighten for a beautiful complexion.

While I love these products in their OG form, I'm still hoping to snag them with the Disney-themed packaging. Anybody in the Philippines want to mail me a New Year's gift?