Where To Get The Innisfree x Toy Story Line That'll Take Your Beauty Routine To Infinity & Beyond

As someone whose makeup bag beginnings consisted of Lip Smackers in various flavors and a couple kiddie eyeshadow palettes from Claire's, beauty with a bit of nostalgia will always have a special place in my heart. So, when I heard about Korean beauty brand Innisfree's latest collection inspired by the oh-so-iconic Toy Story movies, I instantly knew I'd love it. If you're wondering all the deets, including where to get the Innisfree X Toy Story beauty collaboration, keep reading to browse packaging so cute, it's got me tempted to write Netflix a strongly worded letter, because now I really want to watch these movies, and they aren't even available. Life is hard! They're coming in January, though, so don't worry.

In addition to the fact that this collection features packaging that honors all my Toy Story favorites — including cowgirl Jessie and space adventurer Buzz, my personal OTP — another key selling point is that it's all priced at under $15, meaning you can pick up one item for practically nada, or splurge on the entire limited-edition line without feeling major shopper's guilt. Innisfree knows what they're doing with this drop, people! I'm beyond tempted, and when you see this lineup, you'll know why.

First up is a makeup must-have for oily Pixar-lovers (like myself) everywhere: the Toy Story Matte Mineral Setting Powders ($8 each,, which are available in three packaging options featuring the faces of Jessie, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear. These setting powders feature Jeju minerals and mint, and are perfect for baking the face, as they control oil and give skin a matte finish that won't come off as heavy.

And for taking makeup off? The Toy Story My Makeup Cleanser Micellar Oil Water ($12, deserves a special place in your toiletry cabinet, because the little blue bottle's Buzz Lightyear embellishment is seriously too cute. Innisfree claims their formula even removes tricky waterproof eye makeup, so you know this stuff is legit.

If you're looking for something to collect, the Toy Story My Lip Balms ($9 each, should be major contenders. There are three cute options, featuring Woody, Buzz, and Jessie, all with cartons that match their packaging. Jessie's flavor is "Wedding Peach Tea," Woody's is "Sunkissed Cherry Tea," and Buzz's is "Ruby Grapefruit Tea."

My favorite is Jessie's cowprint carton, BTW:


Another cute collectible option are the Toy Story Handcreams ($5,, which feature some other fave characters, including Mr. Potato Head, Lotso, and of course, the aliens. The Mr. Potato Head-inspired cream is fragranced with a citrus (Yuja) tea scent, the Lotso cream is scented with wildberry, and the aliens-themed cream is in the Innisfree scent "Guesthouse."

If you're looking to buy a set instead of individuals, the last item in the collection is the Toy Story My Perfumed Body Miniature Set ($14,, which contains two body cleansers and two body lotions, so you can choose based on product, scent, and character preferences.

I like that Innisfree went the basics route with this collection so that any and all ages can enjoy the products. I personally stock up on hand creams during this time of year, and now have the perfect excuse to grab a few more. The collection is already live on the Innisfree site, where it's being sold exclusively, but it's all limited edition, so get it while it's hot.