Here Are The Chances BTS Will Be Nominated For A Grammy Next Year

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BTS have really outdone themselves this year. One of their most notable accomplishments in 2019 has been for their album Map of the Soul: Persona, which topped the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, making it BTS' third No. 1 album on the chart. The achievement is especially remarkable because it meant that BTS was the first artist since the Beatles to have three different albums rank at No. 1 within a year. It's not everyday you hear groups matching records set by the Beatles, and that's why people think BTS is worthy enough to receive a Grammy. Will BTS be nominated for a 2020 Grammy? It's definitely possible, especially with all BTS has accomplished in 2019.

A Grammy nomination is a huge honor and, if BTS were to be nominated, it would be yet another achievement BTS can add to their already-impressive resume. But how likely is it BTS will be nominated for a 2020 Grammy? Let's discuss what it takes to be eligible for a nomination.

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According to the Grammy website, in order for an artist to be eligible for a Grammy, they need to have released music between Oct. 1, 2018, and Aug. 31, 2019. BTS have released a lot of music in that timeframe, like RM's October 2018 mixtape Mono, their Map of the Soul: Persona album that dropped in April (which included their single "Boy With Luv" featuring Halsey), their BTS World: Original Soundtrack that came out in late June, and their Japanese single "Lights" that dropped in July. All of these projects are eligible for Grammy consideration since they were released between Oct. 1, 2018, and Aug. 31, 2019, and they're all certainly Grammy-worthy quality. But fans think the group's Map of the Soul: Persona album and its lead single, "Boy With Luv," featuring Halsey, are most likely to snag nominations due to their overwhelming accomplishments.

For a quick overview, BTS are seemingly qualified for the following awards:

  • Album of the Year for Map of the Soul: Persona and Mono
  • Record of the Year for "Boy With Luv," "Lights," and "Heartbeat"
  • Song of the Year for "Boy With Luv," "Lights," and "Heartbeat"
  • Best Pop/Duo Group Performance for "Boy With Luv" ft. Halsey, "Lights," and "Heartbeat"
  • Best Pop Vocal Album for Map of the Soul: Persona
  • Best Music Video for "Boy With Luv," "Lights," and "Heartbeat"
  • Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media for BTS World: Original Soundtrack

Fans will be happy to hear that BTS' "Boy With Luv" is definitely being considered for a few Grammys. According to Billboard, BTS submitted the single for consideration for the following categories: Best Pop/Duo Group Performance, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year. It's unclear if BTS and Big Hit Entertainment have also submitted "Boy With Luv" for Best Music Video.

BTS' Map of the Soul: Persona is also submitted for Album of the Year. Fans have been circulating an ad on Twitter that shows BTS' Map of the Soul: Persona in Billboard magazine’s 2020 Grammy Preview edition. The ad was placed by Big Hit Entertainment and Columbia and it lists a few of the album's most notable accomplishments.

Once an entry is cleared as eligible for a nomination, the members of the Recording Academy have to vote for the entry for it to actually get the nomination.

The possibility of BTS getting a Grammy nomination is definitely something fans and non-fans are excited about. Historically, the Recording Academy hasn't really acknowledged boybands. Despite breaking numerous records, One Direction was repeatedly snubbed by the Grammys and was never nominated in their five years of being together.

BTS might be the boyband to break through the mold and earn a Grammy nomination. Especially considering that, in January, BTS was invited to present at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, which means the Recording Academy is definitely paying attention to them.

Fans will have to wait until Nov. 20 to see if BTS scored any Grammy noms. If you ask me, I think the group are frontrunners in any Pop-specific category. I also think they definitely deserve not just one nomination, but a few. *fingers crossed*