This Arya Theory Will Chill 'Game Of Thrones' Fans To The Bone


After almost two years of waiting, Game of Thrones is finally back for its climactic eighth and final season, and the question on every fan's mind is who will be the one to defeat the Night King. Before we can get to all that Iron Throne speculation, pretty much everyone is assuming that the biggest moment in Season 8 will be the final battle between humanity and the Night King's army of White Walkers. And the Season 8 premiere may have just hinted at who will wind up saving the day. Will Arya kill the Night King? Let's dig into why fans think the show is setting Arya up to be the true hero.

Spoiler alert: This post includes spoilers from the Season 8 premiere episode of Game of Thrones. The bulk of the first episode of the final season was just getting everyone back together again. Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, and Gendry marched into Winterfell, reuniting with Sansa, Arya, and Bran Stark. And then Jaime Lannister makes his surprise arrival in Winterfell at the very end of the episode as well, as Theon Greyjoy plans his own trip there. Basically, all of the show's main characters are together in the same place for the first time ever... except for Cersei Lannister, who is still holding it down at her castle.

And it is a good thing that (almost) everyone has united forces, because the promo teaser for next week's Episode 2 reveals that the Night King's forces are only a day away from arriving at Winterfell. Hmm, it sounds like that climactic battle with the White Walkers is coming much sooner than the finale episode! And some fans think that a small moment in the Season 8 premiere foreshadowed that Arya Stark will be the person to kill the Night King and save humanity.

About halfway through the premiere episode, Arya catches up with her old buddy Gendry and asks him to make her a mysterious weapon. Arya does not mention any specifics about this weapon, but a quick glimpse at the sketch she shows to Gendry reveals that she is have a dragonglass spear made for herself.


The mysterious new weapon has caused a lot of fans to theorize about Arya's plans. One theory is that Arya may be making this spear in order to kill Viserion, Dany's fallen dragon that was resurrected as the Night King's new pet. Arya's sketch looks pretty similar to the spear that the Night King used to kill Viserion, so maybe Arya is planning to kill the dragon for good this time with dragonglass.

The more likely guess, though, is that Arya is planning to take the fight to the White Walkers on her own. Since she is now a master of disguise, Arya may wear a White Walker face in order to sneak into the Night King's army, and then use her position to get close to him and kill him with the dragonglass blade. The really upsetting potential downside to this plan, though is that she will probably not tell anyone about her stealthy plan, and if someone in Winterfell sees her in her White Walker disguise they might try to kill her.

Still, it definitely looks like Arya has some game-changing plans for her new weapon, and hopefully we will see the spear come to life very soon on Game of Thrones.