Here Is A Closer Look At The Mystery Weapon Arya Asks Gendry To Make 'GOT' Season 8


Over the past seven seasons, Game of Thrones fans have watched Arya Stark grow into one of the show's most deadly characters, and the Season 8 premiere hinted that she will embrace her killer instinct even more in the final season. Although the season premiere did not include any actual battles, we did see that Arya has death on mind as she asked Gendry to make a mysterious new weapon for her. But we never get a clear explanation of what this new tool might be. So, what is Arya's new weapon? The show did give us a quick peek at the device, and it could mean big things for Arya's future role in the final battle.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones. One of the happiest reunions in the reunion-filled Season 8 premiere was between Arya Stark and her old buddy Gendry. The friends even got flirty with one another when they met back up in Winterfell, causing some fans to think that Arya and Gendry could get romantic as this final season progresses. But most importantly, Arya asked her blacksmith friend to make her a mysterious new weapon, which he commented looked difficult. We do not get any more details about what Arya wants this weapon for, but a quick shot of the sketch Arya showed Gendry reveals that the weapon will be a spear with a dragonglass blade.


The use of material makes it clear that Arya wants to use this spear to kill White Walkers, since their only weaknesses are fire and dragonglass. The sketch also reveals that this spear will have a detachable head, leading some fans to think the weapon will be a double-sided staff, with the dragonglass blade on one end and Arya's Valyrian steel dagger affixed to the other end.

The Season 8 trailer actually seemed to show a very quick glimpse at Arya's finished dragonglass weapon, although the scene of her holding it was very dark.

Game of Thrones' weapons master Tommy Dunne seemed to be talking about creating Arya's new weapon in a recent interview with Vanity Fair. He seemed to confirm the theory that the weapon will be able to separate into two different parts:

There is one creation in Season 8 that is absolutely phenomenal. It'll be a showstopper. That was great to finish. It was great to make, great to design it, that it was about to be reverse-engineered and made into two different items.

While it will definitely be exciting to finally get a good look at Arya's new weapon in future episodes, what is even more exciting is what getting this weapon could mean for Arya's future. Fans are already theorizing that Arya could be the one to finally kill the Night King, and her designing this new dragonglass blade seems to be confirmation that she will be taking the fight to the White Walkers herself. And since the Episode 2 teaser promises the White Walkers are almost at Winterfell, we might get to see Arya in action with her new weapon very soon.