Why Your Best Friend Is The Sister You Hand Picked, Even If She's Not Related

When it comes your crew, you have your friends, and then you have your best friend. Best friends are so much more than people you text all the time and make group plans with on the weekends. They get that extra superlative in their title, because a BFF is the PB to your J, your emergency contact, and your chosen family. You see, you have the family you were born into, and then, you also get that bonus family member who you chose for yourself. When it comes to the latter, there are so many reasons why your best friend is the sister you picked.

If we were comparing sisters by blood to best friend soul sisters, there really wouldn't be much of a difference except the whole DNA thing. Just like real sisters, share all of your secrets, plan epic vacations together, swap clothes, and your favorite nights are spent at home together doing absolutely nothing except catching up over some wine. You're so close that you may even get asked if you're sisters when you're out in public. After laughing to yourselves, sometimes, you just respond with, "Yes," because to you, you are. It's these nine reasons why you hand picked her to be your sister from another mister.

You Know Your Secrets Are Locked Away Forever With Her

You trust your friends enough to tell them little secrets, but you save the real juicy stuff for your BFF. You know that whatever you say will be immediately locked away for no one to know... ever. It really is rare to find someone you trust that much, and because of that, there's no reason why you wouldn't want to snatch her up and make her your BFF for life.

Any Topic Is On The Table For You Two

You and your best friend talk about anything and everything, and I mean everything. There really is no subject that is off the table for discussion, because you feel so comfortable together. When you're that comfy you feel no shame talking about an embarrassing date you had or your work woes. Your BFF is all ears.

She Fits In So Perfectly With Your Own Family

Your bestie gets along with your family so well that she might as well just be a member. In fact, your family loves her so much that your parents consider her another daughter and ask how she's doing all the time. The iconic phrase, "Mi casa es su casa," has never been more true.

She Teaches You Things That Make You A Better Person

Sisters, especially older ones, are always there to teach you new things. Just by watching her, I learned from my sister how to drive and the importance of coupons when grocery shopping. Like a good sis, your BFF also can teach you a thing or two. Likewise, you'll also teach her a few things.

No Matter What People Say, Her Opinion Is The Only One You Take To Heart

When faced with a dilemma, such as going on second date with your Tinder match or whether or not to buy that expensive dress you've been eyeing, you turn to your friends for help. You may end up texting all your friends in the group chat, but the one opinion you're waiting for is your BFF's. Sure, you take into consideration what everyone has to say, but her opinion has more weight to it.

You Can Spend Several Days Together And Not Get Annoyed

With some friends, you just have your limits. It's fine and totally normal to want to take a little break. You can't spend every hour of every day with them. However, that's not the case with your BFF. You hang out almost every single day, and when you're not, you're texting each other constantly. It's probably why she's your favorite person to vacation with, and another clear reason she's your soul sister.

You're Pretty Sure She's Telepathic

It's slightly eerie how much your BFF can read your mind. When you're upset, she knows it. When you're crushing on some hottie from work, she's already planning out how to get you two together. Even if you've worked so hard to hide what you're really thinking, your best friend already knows. That power needs to be respected by giving your BFF the title of sis ASAP.

Even When You Argue, You Never Stay Mad At Her For Long

Sisters fight all the time, so it's OK when you and your BFF have a little argument or two. It happens to the best of us. The thing that makes your BFF just like a sis is that you can't stay mad at her for too long. You always find a way to apologize and make everything better, because you need one another.

Like Magic, She Knows Exactly How To Make You Smile

I'm pretty sure it's wizardry she's doing, but even on your worst days, your BFF can make you smile. Whether she comes over with your favorite movie and pint of ice cream, or just gives you a funny face that cracks you up, you can't be help but to feel better when she's around.

It's like all of your worries instantly fade away. I don't know how she does it. It really must be magic. That's the only explanation.