Here's What Venus In Aries Is About To Do To Your Love Life

Venus rules over our romantic inclinations, the way we receive love, and how we express affection toward others. I'm not gonna mince words here: when Venus is in Aries, it's a bit of a wild card. Ready or not, Venus in Aries 2018 is here to take your love life on the ride of its life. Starting Mar. 6, Venus will be removing itself from the sensitive lagoon of Pisces and cannon-balling straight into the choppy waters of Aries.

Aries is an unpredictable fire sign that's always on the move, ruthlessly going after whatever its got its eye on. It also happens to be ruled by Mars, which governs our more raw, animalistic, and primal tendencies. These planets are essentially opposites; Mars is assertive while Venus is sensitive. What do we get when Venus occupies the most aggressive sign in all the zodiac? One strong cocktail of passion, that's what.

The whims of your heart will not only be intense, but you'll probably also be hot-headed and unstoppable when going after your heart's desires. You'll also feel motivated to go above and beyond to impress the object of your desire. This is a period filled with over-the-top displays of affection and you'll want to relentlessly pursue your love interest. All us mere mortals can do is ride the wave of this roaring fairy tale and have a good time.

Grand And Romantic Gestures

There's no better time than Venus in Aries to do something big to show your romantic interest that you're into them. When I say "big," I mean outrageous, extraordinary, and unforgettable. This is when you ask your crush to prom by having a choir perform an original song you wrote about them. If you're eyeing someone cute at a music festival, offer them a ride on your shoulders so they can have a panoramic view of the stage. Why not send your S.O. 50 roses while they're at work, just so they can be the envy of the entire office? When you feel these romantic whims take over your heart, embrace them. Don't fight them.

It's during Venus in Aries that we make memories we'll remember forever, that we'll tell our grandkids about. We're not afraid that we'll make fools of ourselves, that we'll be rejected if we seem too intense. Right now, we're all competing to be the most romantic person in town. Let the games begin!

No Bullsh*t, No Games

When you like someone during Venus in Aries, you let them know. There's no question about it. Aries is a very direct sign that doesn't play hard to get. You're not going to feel like waiting a few hours to text someone back so you don't seem desperate. You're not going to tease your crush with riddles either. Venus in Aries wants you to say how you feel as soon as you feel it. This will be incredibly liberating in a world that's so inhibited by a fear of rejection. Venus in Aries asks us all: "Why not just tell them how you really feel?"

However, be careful you're not saying something you don't mean. You might get carried away with your romantic ideas today but tomorrow, you'll realize you went too far. You definitely don't want to propose to your S.O. just for the Instagram likes on the photo you post of the ring, that's for sure.

Lust Without Commitment

Here's the thing about Venus in Aries: We get turned on just as easily as we get turned off. We might be thrilled by the chase, having an exhilarating time while we relentlessly pursue our crush. However, there's a good chance you'll lose interest as soon as the chase is over. That's why those of us who aren't in a relationship should probably hold off before entering one during Venus in Aries. It could lead to a mountain of disappointment as soon as the raging fire becomes a lukewarm simmer. Instead, use this time to explore your options and live in the moment. Let romance be your guide but don't try to pin anyone down to a serious relationship just yet.

If it's meant to be, you'll still want to make a commitment to them by the time Venus leaves Aries behind and enters Taurus on Mar. 31. Unlike Aries, Taurus is all about building a foundation for the future and zoning in on your one and only. Postpone the serious conversations until then.