You're About To Become A Much Better Listener, Thanks To Mercury In Cancer

The planets in our solar system do more than just puncture pinpricks of light into our night sky. In astrology, their eternally evolving movements create shifting vibrations in the air; refreshing and challenging our connection not only with ourselves, but with everything we come in contact with. On June 12, Mercury will leave behind left-brained and contradictory Gemini and enter Cancer, a highly intuitive and emotional water sign. Since Mercury guides the way we communicate, process, think, and strategize, a change in the energy it produces ultimately changes everything. When Mercury in Cancer 2018 begins, prepare to see your whole world through a purifying lens.

It's while Mercury is in Cancer that we are brought back in touch with our deepest sensitivities. Sometimes the borders surrounding your heart are made of impenetrable stone. At other times, borders are barely even there at all; your heart is more like a porous sponge absorbing every feeling it touches. Cancer is ruled by the moon, a celestial body that's always reflecting light from the sun — a source other than itself. Similarly, Cancerian energy often takes shape as a mirror, receiving and echoing everything around them. When Mercury in Cancer begins to take over our world, the truth will come looking for you in startling waves.

You'll Feel Your Psychic Senses Tingling

During Mercury in Cancer, you'll realize that in order to truly see something, you don't need to use your eyes. You have a powerful intuition that picks up on even the subtlest of vibrations; an ability to perceive the truth far before the secret has even been revealed. You may find yourself forming a sharply focused gut-feeling about something or someone after mere moments. When your psychic abilities are this powerful, there's no reason why you shouldn't trust your instincts.

While Mercury is by nature a planet of logic and rationality, the placement of Cancer puts it through foreign territory. While Cancer is not devoid of reason, its strength lies in its ability to feel rather than think. In essence, Mercury is the head while Cancer is the heart. However, it is also when the mind and the heart are seamlessly linked that the purest form of wisdom is able to come through.

You Might Become A Lot More Shy & Sensitive

Because Cancer is so sensitive to even the most delicate shifts in energy, it might take you a bit longer to warm up to something new while Mercury is in this zodiac sign. If you're normally one to leap right into a crowd and make your presence known, you might instead find yourself lurking in the shadows, observing the situation from afar before deciphering whether or not you trust it. There's nothing wrong with shyness. In fact, shyness contains a talent that is often forgotten: An almost supernatural ability to pick up on information that is being overlooked by everyone else.

During Mercury in Cancer, you may feel more like cozying up with situations you have no doubts about rather than making a splash in new waters. However, don't make the mistake of believing that Cancer makes Mercury passive. On the contrary, Mercury in Cancer will show us how to pursue change in the quietest and sneakiest of ways.

You'll Prefer Listening Rather Than Talking

Mercury rules over our ability to communicate, so while it may at first seem like Cancer's preference for silence and carefully chosen words makes everything stagnant, this couldn't be further from the truth. People often believe the erroneous notion that communicating equals talking. However, they forget an integral ingredient in the recipe for true communication: Listening.

If we never put the chatter to rest, when will we have the opportunity to simply sit there and learn? When we're talking, we're not receiving; we're giving, forcing, and pushing. While your mind may be a world of its own, it does grow stale and sluggish when it is not being refreshed by the unfamiliar. During Mercury in Cancer, you'll feel the easy shift of allowing people to speak to you, with you actually hearing them. Prepare for empathetic and heart-wrenching sessions of bonding to ensue under such conditions.