If You're Suddenly Over Drama, It Could Be Thanks To Mercury In Taurus

If the only time you ever think about this fickle and clever planet is during Mercury retrograde, then you are severely underestimating its power. Mercury rules over the way we communicate, process information, and decipher meaning. Your Mercury sign clarifies and interprets everything that happens in your life, and holds the key to understanding your cognitive functions. This planet has a major affect on the way we connect and exchange ideas, as it moves through its orbit around the sun, passing through each sign in the zodiac. If you're tired of the impulsive adrenaline rush that has been Mercury in Aries, you're about to experience some calm and collected change when Mercury in Taurus 2018 begins on May 13.

I don't know if you noticed, but Mercury in Aries has made everything seem as though we're moving at one hundred miles per hour while recklessly weaving in and out of traffic. When Mercury in Taurus finally descends upon us all, it will feel like a sharp, screeching break. You'll find yourself considering what the safest and smartest options are before taking action. Mercury in Taurus reminds you that just because you want to do something doesn't necessarily mean that you should. Instead of acting now and regretting later, it wants you to glide carefully and patiently through.

Realistic And Practical Outlook

During Mercury in Taurus, you won't be easily swept away by fanciful and idealistic concepts that cloud reality. Instead, you'll be able to see a situation for what it is and nothing more. This sign allows Mercury to become smart, grounded, and anything but gullible. The rose-colored glasses come off and once your eyes adjust to the change, you'll see everything much more clearly. If you're the type of person who chooses to see the good in people while also ignoring their faults, Mercury in Taurus will smack you in the face with one reality check after another. Almost always, it will choose concrete facts over emotional dogma when settling on an answer.

Since Taurus has such tunnel vision on their goals, you'll be able to understand the most efficient and simplified course of action and then take it. When all the irrational embellishments of the human heart are removed, blurry details are sharpened and the light at the end of the tunnel comes into focus.

Clear, Unadorned, And Deliberate Communication

If you have a tendency to be scattered, nervous, and confused when communicating, Mercury in Taurus will refine your verbiage and cut down on all the nonsense. You will take the time to choose your words wisely, gracefully, and carefully, allowing your point to come across in the clearest way possible. You will speak only when it is necessary and select the most efficient and authentic means of communicating. Mercury in Taurus is not a time for flowery language or charming fronts. It's about thoughtful and intentional correspondence.

Think of it this way: Instead of being F. Scott Fitzgerald taking an entire paragraph to describe Jay Gatsby's smile, you'll become more like Ernest Hemingway, using only six words to write an entire story.

Unwillingness To Compromise

The downside of Mercury in Taurus is that this may make you extremely stubborn in your opinions. It may also take you a long time to accept a new idea because you'll feel so set in your own ways. Take care not to be too close-minded or unwilling to consider perspectives that differ from your own. There are always many sides to an issue and if you swallow your pride and attempt to understand someone else's point of view, I promise the world won't crumble to pieces.

However, this stubbornness isn't always a bad thing. It will also make you very strong-willed and secure with the person you are. If you tend to have a difficult time feeling confident in your beliefs, especially when someone tries to convince you otherwise, you'll feel gratified by your newfound ability to stand your ground.