Sorry 'Riverdale' Fans, But There Is No New Episode This Week


We may only be three episodes into Riverdale's third season, but the teen drama has wasted absolutely no time in getting fans into the thick of a father-daughter mafia standoff, an underground prison boxing ring, and a deadly supernatural mystery. But sadly, there will be no new developments this week, because Riverdale will not be airing a new episode this Wednesday. So, why isn't Riverdale on this week? Although we won't get to see Archie, Betty, Veronica, or Jughead this week, next week's Riverdale episode is one of the most highly anticipated episodes of this season.

It should be pretty clear why Riverdale is probably skipping this Wednesday to air a new episode when you look at the date: Oct. 31. Yep — instead of doing a Halloween episode, the Riverdale crew is sitting the holiday out this year. In its place, the CW will air reruns of the most recent episodes of its newest witchy series, Charmed and Legacies, both of which premiered earlier this month and are the perfect fit for some Halloween viewing.

But do not be too upset about missing a week of Riverdale, because the show is coming back with a bang next week. On Wednesday, Nov. 7, Riverdale will return with its fourth episode, entitled "The Midnight Club." Fans have been looking forward to this episode for months, ever since showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that Season 3 would include a flashback episode at Comic-Con over the summer. The new episode will be set in the '90s, when all of the Riverdale parents were students at Riverdale high, and as a bonus, the teen stars of the show will be playing the younger versions of their own parents for the episode.

The CW has already released a ton of first-look photos of the Riverdale kids playing their own parents in the upcoming episode.


"The Midnight Club" has been one of the most highly anticipated episodes of Riverdale this season, both because of its wink-wink-nudge-nudge recastings and because it promises to illuminate Season 3's most perplexing mystery: Who or what is the Gargoyle King, and how is he related to the role-playing board game Griffins and Gargoyles?

As its title suggests, the episode has been teased as a tribute to The Breakfast Club, even bringing in Breakfast Club star Anthony Michael Hall to play Riverdale High's principal. Like the '80s classic, the episode will show Riverdale's parents as teenagers bonding in detention. There, the group will discover the mysterious game Griffins and Gargoyles. Recent episodes have revealed that the town's parents know much more about this board game than they let on, and that they are dead-set against their kids getting involved with it. The new episode will likely show the parents playing the game and the fateful consequences that followed, which will hopefully also shed some light on the related Gargoyle King mystery.

So, Riverdale fans are going to have to go without a new episode this week, the show will be back and delivering one of its most exciting episodes yet on Wednesday, Nov. 7.