This Detail About Kylie Jenner Could Be Yet Another Clue She’s Pregnant

Dear internet, do you know what I want for Christmas? It's just one, teeny tiny thing. I want to know whether or not Kylie Jenner is pregnant. And also Khloé Kardashian. Is that too much to ask?! Can someone make this happen?! Since that likely won't happen, I'll just have to keep on deciphering the possible clues we're being left to figure out if she is for myself. If you've been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians lately, you might've noticed Kylie Jenner has barely been on it. So why isn't Kylie Jenner on KUWTK? Could it be because she's pregnant and doesn't want the world to see? Or is she sick of reality shows? If it's the latter, girl, I get it. If it's the former, I also get it.

Update: On Sunday, Feb. 4, Kylie Jenner confirmed her pregnancy in an Instagram post. She welcomed a daughter on Thursday, Feb. 1.

Earlier: Fans have been trying to figure out if Kylie Jenner is actually pregnant ever since news of her reported pregnancy broke in September. And this absence from the family show might just be another hint she's actually pregnant. Most recently, fans believed her pink-themed Christmas tree and pink dining room decorations were hints that she's having a baby girl. Another hint can be found in the fact that Jenner hasn't been posting any photos or videos of anything below her shoulders on social media lately. Khloé Kardashian has been doing the same thing — most of the selfies she's posted lately have featured just her chest and up. Others also show her using her arm to cover her stomach. Something's up!

Jenner did appear on the holiday special of KUWTK, however.

In the episode titled "A Very Kardashian Holiday," Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian talk about all of the babies in the family, with Jenner saying it's basically like a "faucet" they turned on that they can't turn off. They never mention anything about Khloé and Kylie's reported pregnancies, but Kim Kardashian does talk about the fact that she's thankful to have her big family while she and Kanye West are preparing for the arrival of their third baby via surrogate in December. Kardashian said, "I don't know if I'm thankful for the calm before the storm next year with the new baby, and I'm thankful that we have family."

Khloé and Kylie made these faces when Kim started talking about babies, which just screams "We know something you don't know." Kylie's basically sipping tea! Come on.


Then Kris Jenner piped in and said through tears, “I used to pray that one of you guys would have a baby, and now it’s like a faucet that we turned on that won’t turn off.” She continued, "The fact that I have all these grandchildren. It’s been the most amazing journey to watch your kids — because it’s truly the meaning of just life."

This was Kylie Jenner's face when her mom said her kids having babies is like an unstoppable faucet. That face totally says, "Mom, what r u doing."


"Mom, y r u doing this. I am ur daughter."


"Mom, plz be cool."


If Kylie Jenner is pregnant, her Christmas tree and other home decorations might be hints she's having a girl.

Her Christmas tree (coordinated by Mama Kris herself) is all decked out in rose gold ornaments, which could be a clue she's having a baby girl. Or it could just mean she really loves the color, which is fair seeing as everyone loves rose gold nowadays and Jenner even dyed her hair rose gold once.

Kylie's dining room at Thanksgiving could also be a big hint she and Travis Scott are expecting a baby girl.

Kylie Jenner on Snapchat

Her table was decked out with all pink chairs, and the walls were decorated with pink, gold, red, white, and black butterfly decals. Jenner and Scott have matching butterfly tattoos that they got back in June, which if our math is correct, is possibly the time when Jenner learned she was pregnant. So, getting a matching couples tattoo to honor that would make sense. Scott also has a song called "Butterfly Effect" that is rumored to be about Kylie Jenner, so pair those butterfly facts with the fact that she uses pink butterflies and the color pink to decorate her home make for some pretty solid receipts saying Jenner and Scott are expecting a baby girl. But hey, we won't know anything until Jenner confirms it herself, so happy waiting, everyone! Hope you're not all going insane like I am!