Here's Why Hannah Sent Peter Home On 'The Bachelorette'


It kind of feels like Hannah's been stuck in Crete forever. The airing of the Rose Ceremony for her Fantasy Suite week has been pushed back multiple times thanks to all the Luke P. drama that got in the way. But now that the Luke P. show is canceled, it's time to return to Hannah's historic Fantasy Suite week. Although it's never been done before, Hannah didn't send anyone home the week before Fantasy Suites. Instead, she chose to bring all four men with her to Greece. But, unfortunately, there couldn't be a repeat at the next Rose Ceremony. Someone did have to go home at some point, leaving Hannah with her final two men. After sending Luke P. home during their last date, Hannah eliminated Peter during the Rose Ceremony. But why does Hannah send Peter home? Her Fantasy Suite week was filled with some heated goodbyes and more ups and downs than the most intense Greek drama.

Hannah got to take her final four guys on a Mediterranean adventure in Crete, Greece. The trip was filled with bright blue waters, beautiful homes perched on hills, and the potential for plenty of romance. In fact, Hannah's date with Peter was revealed to be the much-anticipated windmill date. Audiences know that Hannah and Peter got pretty intimate, since she literally told the cameras about it.

So if Hannah and Peter had such a good night in the windmill, why does she end up sending him home? Well, it seems like a lot of her experiences with the other guys overshadowed her connection with Peter.

Tyler C. and Hannah had a steamy massage session, but during dinner Hannah told him that she was concerned about the overnight portion of their date. The two of them have had a deep physical connection from the beginning of the season, and so Hannah didn't feel like she needed to explore that side of the relationship anymore. In fact, she was worried that if they had sex during their overnight date, it might take away from them connecting in other aspects of their relationship. Tyler totally respected Hannah's boundaries, and they had a chaste night full of conversation and connection.

But, after the first two dates, things got a little bit more dramatic. During his date with Hannah, Jed asked Hannah about her feelings for Luke P. He wondered how Hannah could continue to want Luke P., which really upset Hannah. It ended up precipitating a conversation that brought Jed and Hannah closer. And it also ended up foreshadowing Hannah's explosive date with Luke P.

Oh, Luke P. He and Hannah had a blowout final date, which included him slut-shaming her and her sending him home on the spot. It seemed like that was the end of Luke P., but that was not the case.

But first, Hannah prepared to say goodbye to one more guy, even though she was in love with all three of the remaining men. "This is my last Rose Ceremony and my hardest," Hannah told the cameras.

However, Hannah's Rose Ceremony was interrupted by Luke P.'s return. After a whole lot of tears and shouting, Luke P. finally left, leaving Hannah to distribute her two roses.

No matter what the outcome of the Rose Ceremony was, all three remaining guys were in good spirits.

"We still have a rose ceremony to go through but today's a good day," Peter told the cameras.

Unfortunately for Peter, though, it wasn't totally a good day. Hannah tearfully said goodbye to him. She told him that nothing was wrong, and even that he was the perfect guy.

"Our relationship has been perfect and it has been so easy," Hannah told him. "You’re like the dream guy. I’ve said this every time, when I was little I was playing with my dolls, I feel like you’re that. You’re that. There’s nothing wrong. Just not mine..."

Peter said that Hannah will always have a piece of his heart and he doesn't regret anything, even as they both cried during their goodbyes.

Peter appeared live to talk to Chris Harrison and said, "She was honestly just the most amazing person I've met so far in my life and I'm just so grateful for all those memories we made... It wasn't easy. I really felt it for her. I had no doubt it was going to be us in the end. I really didn't."

Season 15 of The Bachelorette concludes with the second part of the finale at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 30 on ABC.