Here's Why Fans Are Convinced Khloé K Turned Off Comments On This IG Selfie

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian is in some social media drama again. The reality star posted an ad to her Instagram about her skin on Aug. 29, but the post was flooded with comments about something entirely different from her skin. So why did Khloé Kardashian turn off comments on her last selfie? Well, it might be because she was trolled by people who are convinced she got lip fillers.

To make things clear from the jump, if Kardashian did get lip fillers, that's her prerogative. She can do with her body and money whatever she pleases. Now that we're all clear on that front, let's move on. Kardashian posted an ad to her Instagram that featured three different photos — two solo selfies, then one with the woman who helps keep her skin ~glowing~. People in the comments section, however, were paying zero attention to her skin because all of their attention was on her lips. And they were not kind.

Before Kardashian turned off the comments, people were really judging her appearance. According to Cosmopolitan, some of the comments included messages like, "God what happened," "If you can’t close your lips… too much filler," and "I'm sorry but your lips are overdone, it looks nasty." It's 2019, people. We have zero time for this. If these rude and judgmental comments were the reason behind Kardashian turning the comments off on this post, I don't blame her one bit.

The Kardashians are accused of getting work done on their faces and bodies all the time (as well as being accused of Photoshopping their photos), so Khloé is probably unfortunately used to this treatment from people online at this point. But the comments on that post were particularly brutal. Kardashian has not responded to any of the comments on her Instagram or Twitter.

Look, y'all. I understand the feeling that the Kardashians promoting impossible beauty standards while seemingly heavily editing their photos and possibly getting work done on their bodies could be frustrating for people to see. But their bodies are their own to do with what they will. If Kylie Jenner wants to have her lip fillers dissolved, and then get lip fillers again, she can. If Khloé Kardashian wants to get lip fillers (which is only speculation from people online, not something Kardashian has revealed herself), she can. If all of the sisters want to post a photo that may or may not have some Photoshop fails in them, they can. People might not agree with their decisions, but the point is that they are their decisions to make.

What's not cool is flooding their comments sections with comments saying their faces look "nasty." Come on, people. The body positivity movement has come too far for us to be leaving comments like that on peoples' photos. I would disable comments on all of my damn photos if I were Khloé, at this point. It's honestly impressive that she hasn't reached that point yet.

Khloé, whether you got lip fillers or not, you do you, girl.