Kylie Jenner's Lip Fillers Have Vanished, But Here's How She Might Have Skipped A Reversal

by Stephanie Montes
Kylie Jenner on Instagram

Kylie Jenner without her lip fillers feels like a contour without highlighter, Beyoncé without JAY-Z, or pizza without ranch. Jenner was a mere teenager when she first started getting fillers, and it wasn't long before fuller lips became the biggest "trend" in beauty (don't think I forgot about the unfortunate #KylieJennerLipChallenge that went viral in 2015). The girl single-handedly caused a major influx in the lip-filler industry. But now, her lips are making headlines for the complete opposite reason: Kylie Jenner's lip fillers dissolved and she looks like her old teenage self again.

Jenner has openly admitted to being insecure about her natural lip size, explaining how she first considered injections after being teased for having small lips by a boy. When she committed to enhancing her look, she totally went for it. Aside from the injectables, Jenner has even shared tips for overlining your lips with nude lip liner and mastering the art of the pushed-out mouth in photos. Sigh.

Flash forward to motherhood, and Jenner now talks about how her daughter Stormi boasts the one feature she wishes she had: fuller lips. Jenner tells her friend Jordyn Woods, "the one thing I was most insecure about, [Stormi] has. She has the most perfect lips."

Over the weekend, the 20-year-old beauty mogul posted photos on Instagram, in which she looked noticeably younger, more natural, and fresh faced. The pics weren't a throwback, but her face looked similar to the "before" photos you usually see her in now. From the neck up, she resembled her younger self again, and I'm not the only one that couldn't figure out what was different about her.

A fan commented on the photo, "she looks like the old Kylie here idk why." The comment was replied to by none other than Jenner herself, and the response was one none of us could have expected. Kylie Jenner responded, "I got rid of all my filler." Wait, what!?

Then she posted a video of her showing off her new, old look. I seriously can't get over how much younger she looks.

So it's clear, the fillers are gone, but how? New York City-based plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer tells Elite Daily, "While hyaluronic acid (the ingredient in lip fillers, which lasts about 6 months) naturally dissolves overtime as your body metabolizes it, it is also reversible. An injectable enzyme called hyaluronidase can 'melt' the filler almost instantly." So what did Jenner opt for, allowing her lips to naturally deflate over time, or an immediate reversal? At this point, it's unclear.

Let's also not forget, Jenner just had a baby — and you better believe pregnancy has surprising effects. As for lip injections, most board certified doctors won't perform them on pregnant women. In an unexpected twist, though, Jenner and other women may not need them at all while expecting.

"You don’t need filler touch-ups during pregnancy because of excess swelling, otherwise known as edema, which is a very common side-effect of pregnancy. The body is working overtime to double its blood and body fluid to support the developing baby, so when pregnant women retail fluid, it can cause swelling in legs, face, and lips," explains Dr. Shafer. So essentially, Jenner's lips might have taken on a naturally plumped appearance during her pregnancy, and just now returned to their normal state, sans-filler.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of Kylie Jenner's injected lips last year and her lips now:

It's unclear on whether Kylie Jenner will commit to her natural look for the long haul, but people all over are loving and praising her au naturale look. I don't hate on anyone for doing what they please with their own faces, but I think self-love and acceptance make anyone look their absolute best. Maybe she's over the full lips look, or maybe she just feels great at this juncture, but either way, I applaud her. Kylie, confidence looks good on you, girl!