James Charles Announced He Canceled His Sisters Tour, So The Drama Isn't Stopping

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anyone with a pulse and internet access has likely been sucked into the ongoing beef between YouTubers Tati Westbrook and James Charles. For those who've been wondering, why did James Charles cancel his Sisters Tour and did it have something to do with the recent drama, let's just say it's complicated.

The tensions began between Tati and James back in April 2019 just after Coachella, when James posted an Instagram video about a product sold by one of Tati's competitors. Unsurprisingly, the vlogger's mentor wasn't happy about her friend and collaborator posting about a competitor brand. Soon after, James apologized to Tati, but the damage had already been done. Unfortunately, things continued to spiral from there, and Tati posted a viral YouTube video explaining exactly why she was so upset with James. The result? A seemingly never-ending chain of videos in which both vloggers publicly aired their grievances with one another.

Although fans were hoping that the issues between the two would eventually be resolved, it looks like things may have gotten worse. Last Friday, James posted a video on Instagram announcing that the long-awaited Sisters Tour he had been planning has been canceled. "As many of you guys know, a few weeks ago, we announced the official first-ever Sisters Tour, which is a 24-city tour all around at the United States of America with music and makeup and memories and games," Charles told viewers in the videos posted to his Instagram stories.

"A lot has gone on in the past few weeks, which has led many people, including myself, wondering what was going to happen to the tour," he continued. "And after the last week of meetings and phone calls, and trying to figure it all out, we have officially come to the very, very tough decision that I am canceling the Sisters Tour. Now I know this sucks, and people are going to be upset and sad about it, and trust me, I am not really happy about this either."

Naturally, all of the bad blood between the two has made some fans feel the need to choose a side, and if the numbers are any indication, it seems like Tati has locked down the majority. According to CNN, James lost almost 3 million YouTube subscribers in the wake of the feud. The numbers also show that Tati has actually been gaining followers, while James continues to lose them.

Ultimately, James said canceling the Sisters Tour was a "personal decision." He also went on to emphasize that everything that's been going on has had an extremely negative impact on him. "I'm not better and I'm not back either but I am trying to move on with my life and focus on good things that make me happy and they can take my mind off of things," he said. "I am deciding to pull the plug on tour because the next few weeks and few months, honestly, I said that I wanted to take time for myself and to you, the people that love me, and focus on things that make me really really happy, which is makeup and being with friends and family and getting my head back in the game up to where I'm very very inspired to keep working."

James also made a point of reassuring fans that, at some point, he will go on tour and it "will be even more epic than before." So, in the meantime, all we can do is sit back and hope both Tati and James can move on from what's likely been an extremely stressful past few weeks.