Bekah Was Sent Home On 'The Bachelor' & Here's Why Arie Let Her Go


ARIE, NO. STOP IT. The best thing that's ever happened to you or to any of us is Bekah's haircut — I mean Bekah. Fans have fallen in love with the young nanny and on Feb. 12 on The Bachelor, he sent her home for some stupid reason that I'm sure has to do with his own ego and emotions and nothing to do with how great she is. I mean, we're all wondering... why did Arie send Bekah home? It seems like because Arie just felt like it (and maybe a little bit because her fellow contestant Tia is pretty sneaky).

I guess it's been a long few weeks for Arie. There's that whole "having to break women's hearts" thing he has to do all the time, and he also has to maintain his very systematic charm/guy next door/race car driving vibe. Fans thought maybe our main girl Bekah's last episode was going to be when she finally revealed her whopping 22 years of age to the 34-year-old real estate agent. But instead, he was sort of "LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS!" about it and she hung around for another few weeks.

For a while, it seemed like maybe finally a Bachelor would do the right thing and picked the coolest (IMO) girl in the mansion. Despite Bekah's age, she carries a confidence and assuredness about her that many of the women who are much older than her envy. That's the power of a pixie haircut, I'm telling you. We've watched Arie shimmy his way into kissing her, take off his pants and throw them at her in the woods, and weirdly cup her head, like, a lot.

We've also been able to somewhat keep up with Bekah's feelings thanks to her epic social media feed. She has a serious sense of humor and watching her make fun of herself on Instagram AND clap back at haters on Twitter prove she's as much of a party as she is a force to be reckoned with.

Early on, she was a fan favorite and a Chris Harrison favorite. The host placed her on his top five list, commenting,

She’s a starlet. There is something about this girl’s energy that blows Arie away and he is captivated by her. They have this chemistry that gets under his skin.

Plus, there was all that mumbling and fumbling Arie did over Bekah himself. In a write-up for People, Arie had a hard time describing how he felt about her, all he knew is she had his attention. He said,

Bekah M. continued to impress me. She’s able to be vulnerable and open and sexy. Our chemistry was truly off the charts and on top of that, our conversation was phenomenal.
... As I said in the moment, she’s really… kinda nailin’ the… nailin’ the… nailed it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! All I can say is that when you push past my lack of verbal expression is that Bekah M. clearly blows me away.


In the Feb. 12 episode, Arie picked the final four lucky women who get to show him their hometowns and introduce him to their families. Somehow, Bekah got the ax. She was part of a group date with Kendall and Tia, who BASICALLY SABOTAGED EVERYTHING FOR HER.

It was dramatic. There was a lot of crying.

Essentially, Tia felt Bekah wasn't mature enough to seriously get involved with Arie, and Bekah didn't do herself any favors when she confessed to the other contestants how much she missed home and her friends. Tia took that information straight to Arie, who took it straight to the whatever the opposite of Bekah's hometown is.

He told cameras, "I think I've talked myself out of being with Bekah for a long time... [but] she made this fun."

Now, Arie's left to choose if he wants to "fall in love" with Kendall, Lauren B., Tia, and Becca K. All signs are pointing to Lauren B., but all's fair in love and TV.

I think that's the saying.

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