6 Newlywed Brides Reveal Why They Chose A Destination Wedding & Don't Regret It

Newlywed brides and brides-to-be know all too well how much work goes into planning a wedding. There's the guest list, the invites, the decor, the dress, the music, and the wedding party. Your to-do list truly feels like it goes on and on. One of the biggest decisions you'll make is deciding on a venue, and destination weddings have quite the allure. Why choose a destination wedding? Well, several reasons come to mind.

While expensive, destination weddings can offer a built-in honeymoon, you can cut down your guest list, they can cost less than traditional weddings, and of course, they are extremely Instagrammable. A lot of women have an image of their wedding day in the minds before they even get engaged, and that image will have a big impact on their ultimate choice of venue. So, should you tie the knot in your hometown or jet off to somewhere totally new? No one but you and your fiancé can decide this for you, but some personal anecdotes from brides who got hitched all over the world might help you make a more informed decision.

I talked with six newlywed brides who revealed why they made the decision to have a destination wedding. While each of them had a unique reason to take this route, they all felt like they made the right choice.

Intimacy In Italy
Stocksy / Viktor Solomin
We decided to get married in Italy because it was our favorite place in the world. We went on a few vacations there before getting engaged, and we both said at the same time, 'Let’s get married in Italy!' We wanted an intimate celebration with our closest loved ones and did not want such an important occasion to fly by in a few hours. We spent a few days with our guests living in a hotel villa all together, having a welcome dinner, going to a wine tasting and cellar tour, horseback riding, and more. Our guests were able to relax and fully enjoy themselves at our wedding. We wanted to make them feel like the long trip to the small hilltop town of Monforte d’Alba in Piedmont was worth it for the beautiful surroundings, fun activities, and genuinely warm company.

— Svetlana, 28

Cozy In Cabo
Stocksy / Rob And Julia Campbell
I got married in May, and we chose Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for our destination. We chose to have a destination wedding because we’re both from Austin, Texas and have larger families. We figured we could weed out a lot of people by having it in a different country, and it worked! Our guest list went from 200+ people to a 50-person wedding.

— Caitlin, 28

Selfishly Saving Money
Stocksy / Leah Flores
We got married in French Polynesia in the South Pacific. We wanted it to be about us and for us. Having that moment together was important, and we wanted to be selfish with it, to relish in the afterglow of newlywed bliss. We also come from big families, so we knew we were in for a big bill. Investing in our future, like buying a home, definitely came first.

— Cynthia, 27

Barefoot Bride In Bend
Stocksy / Leah Flores
We live in San Jose, and I decided to have a destination wedding in Bend, Oregon because of my uncle's beautiful property there. Before I was even engaged, I dreamt about a backyard wedding where I could be barefoot. And the venue was free, so that was a bonus!

— Nandi, 29

Downsized Destination
Stocksy / Luke + Mallory Leasure
We had a destination wedding on Oahu to keep the size of the guest list down. It’s much easier to tell not-so-close friends and co-workers that you’re having a small destination wedding than to awkwardly tell them that they aren’t invited to your large, local event. Plus, we were already on location for our honeymoon!

— Elena, 27

Nope, We'll Just Elope
Stocksy / Jennifer Brister
After having both been married once, and not wanting to subject ourselves to the awkward family dynamics that might complicate our moment together, we chose to elope in Venice, Italy. We were able to focus solely on the incredible commitment we were about to make, in a place neither of us had been, without the convoluted wedding details to get in the way.

— Maxine, 29

From 50-person tropical getaways to private European elopements, destination weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, the decision on where to get married is between you and your partner-to-be. But if you're feeling inspired by these wanderlust weddings, maybe a destination wedding is the right choice for you.