Old Navy Is Selling Purple Flag Tees For The Sweetest Reason, & You'll Want One For The Fourth

Courtesy of Old Navy

If you've never donned one of Old Navy's classic flag tees on the Fourth Of July, Memorial Day, or for any other America-themed celebration, then I don't want to give you FOMO, but you've been seriously missing out. They're the best! These comfy, affordable tees are as iconic as it gets, so when I walked by the store in Times Square yesterday, I had just one question: um, why are Old Navy's flag tees purple? The brand's classic Americana color palette has been replaced by a vibrant hue I've never before associated with the American flag, but after learning the story behind the shade, I'm ready to join the bandwagon and celebrate a purple Fourth of July.

If you didn't know, Old Navy has been around since 1994, which makes them one year older than me. It's safe to say they've accomplished more in the past twenty-something years than I have! In honor of their founding year, and just in time for the Fourth, the brand will be dropping 1,994 limited-edition purple flag tees, and the color is just as intentional as the number of shirts.

"Purple illustrates what can happen when the American flag’s emblematic colors of red, white and blue come together," the brand declared in a press release, and based on my limited knowledge of color theory, they're correct:

Courtesy of Old Navy

"Old Navy’s iconic, Americana red, white and blue flag tees have been a staple in American households since 1994, but this year, the limited-edition purple tees are meant to celebrate and promote belonging," continued the press release, noting that the tees are meant to be "A reminder that we are one nation, indivisible, not defined by the current labels of 'red' and 'blue.'"

Umm, hi, that's pretty much the sweetest thing I've ever heard. Old Navy, this is so darn pure:

Courtesy of Old Navy

Yes, positivity! Yes, unity! I'm so here for a purple Fourth of July! I really love this powerful message, not to mention the opportunity to add a new fave to my T-shirt collection.

Oh, and BTW, the shirt is only $5. That said, it's selling out super fast online:

Quite a few sizes are already sold out, but the digital pop-up shop also includes other purple items from the brand, so you can still celebrate a purple Fourth even if you miss out on the chance to snag a limited-edition tee.

"Belonging has never been a trend," the back of the shirt reads, and OMG, why am I so emotional? I love this shirt!

Courtesy of Old Navy

BTW, the brand will temporarily make all social channel logos purple, too, as well as the large sign outside their Times Square store in New York City:

Courtesy of Old Navy

Real talk, y'all, this is the best retail initiative I've seen in a while:

Courtesy of Old Navy

I'd say a dose of pride, love, and unity is long overdue for the USA, and I love that Old Navy went out of their way to do something new and special for their loyal flag shirt-buyers this year. You'll definitely catch me wearing purple this Fourth of July, whether or not I'm able to snag this tee in time.