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Whole Foods' “Home Ec 365” Is Dishing Out Fun Lessons On Adulting & It's Free

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If you took a home economics class in high school, then you know "adulting" takes a little practice. Like art and science, it's something you need to study up on so you know what items to look for in the grocery store, how to budget for that essential errand, and how to make yourself a tasty meal. But after high school, it's typically up to you to track down those important lessons in adulting. That is, until now. Whole Foods' "Home Ec 365" is breaking down the basics for free — and you're going to want the details ASAP.

I mean, wouldn't it be nice to give your parents a break from your pressing questions on how to make homemade tomato sauce, or which cleaning products will safely clean your countertops? Although they probably love passing along their favorite pointers, the classes in this "school" brought to you by Whole Foods Market will take some of those essential teaching moments off of their plate. Instead, they might learn something new from you after you've tuned into a virtual session on reusing your scraps or organizing your pantry.

Each of these classes covers a basic lesson in adulting. They're hosted by lifestyle experts you may already follow on Instagram, and are a sweet deal for the new or current adult who wants to be served useful lessons on cooking, saving, baking, or shopping without dishing out one dollar. Here are the details on Whole Foods' new "Home Ec 365" classes and what you can expect after signing up.

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The "Home Ec 365" digital curriculum created by Whole Foods consists of four main courses. One of these classes is hosted by Joy the Baker (@joythebaker) and it's all about mastering recipes with items you already have in your pantry, and what to do if you don't have eggs or butter on hand. For someone who's ever wanted a tasty meal, but hasn't gone grocery shopping in a hot minute, this virtual class is a total dream come true.

Another class focuses on how to effectively clean the kitchen appliances you use on the reg. Organization enthusiast, Jessica Tull (@jessica_tull_) is the teacher for this course, and she uses the quality products you can find at your local Whole Foods.

After taking that class, you'll want to follow up with one called "Use 'Em Up! How to Transform Food Scraps & Leftovers," which is taught by well-being advocate Sophia Roe (@sophie_roe). Roe's class will make you rethink the scraps you usually trash, and make the most of the produce and other ingredients you buy. By the time you're done, you may find that your budget has more room and your plate is unexpectedly delicious.

Now, if you want some more budget pointers, you can always tune into a class from "Home Ec 365" dedicated to just that. "Smarter Shopping: Save, Stock & Invest" will be like a buddy you never knew you needed walking with you in the grocery store. It'll encourage you to eye the ingredients that are overpriced and can likely be bought elsewhere, so you can stick to your adult-style budget. This class is led by Bobby Parrish (@flavcity), and he'll coach you in properly organizing your pantry after a grocery run, too.

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To sign up, simply grab your laptop and head to www.WholeFoodsMarket.com/Teachable. There, you can enroll for free and read up more on the courses. The first 2,500 customers who enroll in "Home Ec 365" will receive an exclusive coupon for free products within the 365 brand. Those products can be used during the classes, and will act as your "school supplies."

The only catch with the coupons, if you receive one, is that you have to redeem it by Aug. 31, 2020. In other words, if you're heading back to school soon (whether that be virtually and at home, or on campus), be sure to take an "adulting" lesson first. School yourself on the basics so you can tackle the semester and the real world with ease.