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Bed Bath & Beyond's "College From Home" Experience Brings Campus Life To You This Fall

This semester of college is going to look quite different than you imagined. Instead of meeting your new roommates and decorating your dorm room, you'll be prepping to learn remotely in, well, your childhood bedroom. It's not exactly ideal, considering you might still have trophies on your bookshelves from grade school and a twin-size bed. But, it can be turned into the trendy, adult space you've always dreamed of, thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond's "College from Home" experience.

This unique and very 2020 experience is specifically made to bring all of the perks of campus life to you, and cushion the changes that come with going to class steps away from where you sleep. It's made to transform a space you've known and loved for a while now, into one that'll inspire or represent you in this next, exciting chapter of your life. After picking out your theme much like you would for your dorm room, buying fresh (and comfortable) pieces of furniture like a couch, cushion, or chair, and even setting up a coffee maker on your desk, you'll look forward to studying and working toward your degree.

You may realize that going to college at home has its own perks, such as homemade meals from your parents instead of dining hall food and a bed that isn't lofted and tucked into the corner of a room. This may not be the semester you planned on, but this experience is ready to help you make the most of it and reach your potential no matter where you are.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Let's get into the details of the "College from Home" experience, OK? It all starts online at the Bed Bath & Beyond website. On the website, there's an entire section dedicated to "College from Home" where you can get inspo on different design styles to decorate your room, and shop tons of trendy products within them. The three styles, which were created in a partnership with the company's sister brand — Decorist — are: low-key bohemian, chill camp vibes, and modern glam. To find the style that fits you best, you can browse through the pieces in each, or take a quiz that can help you discover what you're attracted to.

Of course, you can always mix and match the pieces within the different styles if they're speaking to you. Maybe you really adore the braided rug from the chill camp vibes collection because it looks like a piece you saw on Pinterest, and the three-drawer file cabinet from the bohemian one because it reminds you of Aspyn Ovard's office. You can hit "add to cart" on whatever fits into your dorm room dreams — the quiz and collections are a set of guidelines only.

However, Bed Bath & Beyond and Decorist do have a few tips and tricks to keep in the back of your mind. For example, they suggest investing in a comfy desk chair since you're going to be sitting and tuning into your virtual classes on the reg. They also advise you to express yourself via a unique art print or two hung up on the wall, or a set of pictures of your friends that are clipped to a string of lights above your desk. Those little details will make your room feel more like home and a motivating space to be in.

Bed Bath & Beyond

The two companies are even encouraging you to bring the caffeine and snack essentials you need for a late-night study sesh into your room, so you have your own space to make and enjoy them. A mini fridge and the most affordable drip coffee maker are both listed under this experience.

Once you finalize your cart and get into the checkout process, Bed Bath & Beyond wants to make sure you're saving big, so they've created the College Savings Pass. You can sign up for the College Savings Pass online and receive 20% off every purchase you make in-store or online through Sept. 30, 2020. The discount follows standard coupon exclusions, but will help you fill your room with college-related goodies.

Once you get your products, start revamping your childhood bedroom. Pull up your best friends on a video chat so it feels like you're hanging out with your would-be roomies, and get excited for the semester to come. You won't be missing out on the fun of college in a room that brings the perks of campus to you, right?