Who You Are At A House Party, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Ah, house parties. The thought makes me nostalgic for carefree college days, where the only thing you had to worry about was whether or not there'd be enough booze for everybody. A make-shift dance floor in the middle of a one-bedroom apartment, a $20 disco light sending prisms of color across the ceiling, music blaring loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, and the hazy fog of so many bodies tightly packed into one room. At times, it was disgusting. At others, it was pure magic. The deciding factor? The people you shared the evening with. Knowing who you are at a house party, according to your zodiac sign, will tell you exactly what ingredient your personality brings into the mix.

Because in order for a house party to truly be a success, you need all the right characters in attendance. You need someone who gets things going by pouring shots for the whole gang, someone who gets freaky with their dance moves, someone who makes everyone laugh during drinking games, and someone who's there at the end of the night, wiping away the tears of anyone who got a little too emotional. Everyone serves a purpose in the collective energy of the evening. You need a little wildness here, a bit of compassion there, some drama here, some sexiness there, and presto! You've got a house party no one will ever forget.


You're the lightning bolt that electrifies the party with energy. From the minute you arrive, you're probably already demanding that everyone take a shot. Even at a house party, you're naturally competitive. If anyone even suggests the idea of a drinking game, you're already chugging. You win every single round, that is, until you fall asleep on the couch.


You make yourself comfortable at a party, immersing yourself in it one clique at a time. Rather than introduce yourself to everyone in the room before instantly forgetting their names, you actually get to know a few people. You're definitely sipping some classy liquor in a corner and making sure none of your friends are making a fool of themselves.


Like a house party fairy, you flutter through the room charming everyone with clever remarks and flirty conversation. You're nervously sipping on your drink and you have the tendency to put your foot in your mouth once you get a little too drunk. You probably won't stay too long either, as you've also got three other parties on your itinerary for the night.


At first, you're shy and wary of the social situation. After a few drinks, you've completely fallen in love with everyone. You're known for going out of your way to give your friends completely heartfelt compliments, often tearing up in the process. You're a sensitive partier, and if things get to you, the emotions roll in and you're the one who definitely needs a hug.


When you've arrived at the party, everyone knows it. You're wearing an outfit that basics would consider "overdressed" and your aura is shining like the sun you are. When the alcohol kicks in, you're the one who gets on the table and gets down to your favorite song, earning the applause of everyone. However, if you're not the center of attention, you might cause a scene.


You maneuver through the party with all things under control. You're the one making sure everyone's drinks are full, the music is on fire, and that it's not loud enough for the neighbors to call the cops. You're also the one cleaning up after everyone and holding your friend's hair back if they're sick over the toilet. Thank goodness you're there to keep everything together.


You're the one at the party making sure no one breaks out into a fight. If drama is brewing, you enter the situation with a diplomatic eye, dispelling the tension and making sure everyone is having a good time. However, you're also secretly the one who's responsible for starting the drama to begin with. With a bougie cocktail in hand, you're only keeping things interesting.


In all honesty, it's a miracle you even decided to attend the party. Big crowds make you nervous. You probably regretted going to the party instantly. However, after a few drinks, your passions begin to rise, and you're either dancing sexily with a mysterious hottie in the corner or engaging in an argument with your ex who just "happened" to be there.


When you're in party mode, there's nothing you won't say no to. You're an adventurer at heart, and a house party is the ultimate playground for your daring whims. Your friends probably lose you within the first five minutes and then find you around midnight wearing a ridiculous party hat while pretending to have a British accent. They don't judge. They know how you roll.


Even at a party, you're a serious and authoritative presence. However, it's important that someone remains a grown-up in such a hedonistic environment. In between making sure everyone follows the house rules and gets home safely, you're also giving incredible life advice to people who are way more drunk than you are. You take pride in being the house party leader.


You're swirling through the crowd and encouraging everyone to drink more, dance more, and to not hold back for one minute. To you, this house party has far more potential than anyone even realizes. You're the one inviting every isolated guest into the circle at large, allowing everyone to connect on a deeper level. It's your greatest joy to be responsible for new friendships.


A house party is the ultimate form of escapism for you. You love the chance to have a drink and take in a moment of pure pleasure. You go with the flow, letting the party whisk you away like the wind. However, you'll always come back to Earth to have a deep conversation with someone who just totally gets you. But if no one notices how cute you're being, the pouting begins.